LBMA Podcast: Factual Partners With Metadata, Thinknear Discusses Location Score Index

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: partners with KLM; Factual and Metadata partner; Capital Radio + Outdoor Plus bring music to billboards in real time; Alibaba tests drone delivery; Wheely’s Cafe sells modern coffee carts; Carlsberg BarBandit tap lottery; Starbucks + = Valentine’s date; Sportsman Tracker is funded; Yahoo! + Flickr = Wetter; TripAdvisor buys ZeTrip; PayPal invests in Pulsate. Special guest Loren Hillberg of Thinknear on their latest Location Score Index results.

Top stories of the week

1. + KLM partner for indoor navigation 9:47
2. Factual + Metamarkets partner for real time auction analytics 15:20
3. Capital Radio + Outdoor Plus use CrowdScreen for music track streaming 17:45
4. Alibaba now testing drones for deliver, Amazon still begging for FAA approval 19:50
5. Wheely’s Cafe (Sweden) 23:55
6. Carlsberg BarBandits lottery 28:47
7. “Meet At Starbucks” 32:25
8. Sportsman Tracker app for hunters 34:10
9. Yahoo! Wetter (Germany) 36:42
10.TripAdvisor buys ZeTrip, PayPal invests in Pulsate 40:27

Guest: Loren Hillberg of Thinknear 45:50

Big themes
1. The difference between Europe and North America is… 56:30