LBMA Podcast: PlaceIQ Partners With Starcom on SMGMaps

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Danish sensors; PlaceIQ + Starcom partner on SMGMaps; VIPLocum; TempleRun in virtual reality; LuceX3 builds your conscience into a vending machine; SiriusXM targets the connected car; Red/Green app helps plan your social life; Cicret bracelet moves the screen to your skin; Favoire supports social good; Ubudu powers bluetooth mesh network. Plus, the killer app for virtual reality & why beacon data is hard to quantify.

Top stories of the week

1. Sensors for Danish holiday market 13:20
2. PlaceiQ and Starcom partner on SMGMaps 15:40
3. 18:20
4. TempleRun comes to life on Samsung Gear VR 21:12
5. LuceX3 vending machine – do you deserve a treat? 23:53
6. Sirius XM going after the connected car space 28:35
7. Red/Green app 36:15
8. Cicret Bracelet 41:45
9. Favoire – supporting social good 44:44
10. Ubudu – mesh beacons 46:40

Big themes
1. Is location + gaming the killer app for virtual Reality 52:40
2. Not the complete story – why beacon data is hard to quantify…yet 60:40