Street Fight Daily: Shakeout in Ad Tech, Trulia Partners With Uber

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

iphone-mobile-advertisingBurst of M&A in Online Advertising as Shakeout Begins (Wall Street Journal)
A shakeout is under way in the online advertising industry, where dozens of startups — often with seemingly undifferentiated services and limited scale — face the reality that there isn’t enough room for everyone.

Report: Legacy Sales Teams Struggle With Digital Product Sales (Street Fight)
The local media industry has come to rely on its sales force as one of its most valuable assets. But a new report from Borrell Associates finds that the legacy sales forces employed by local media companies often struggle to sell digital products.

Trulia + Uber = Solution to Problem You Didn’t Know You Had (
In a development straight out of a misanthrope’s dream, you can now find an apartment listing, schedule a viewing, and hire a car to take you there all without speaking to another human or looking up from your smartphone. In other words, Trulia has integrated Uber into its mobile app.

Sponsored: Infographic — Here’s How National-to-Local Gets Done (Street Fight)
You start with objectives at the national level, learn and tweak based on data feedback on the ground, and just make sure there’s constant and immediate communication between the two sides. The cloud offers the easiest and most flexible way to do that.

How Shazam Is Going From Music To Retailers With Augmented Reality And Wearable Integration (The Next Web)
Shazam CEO Rich Riley says the team will continue to work a “visual Shazam” feature to connect the app to the physical retail experience. By offering a Shazam feature that may incentivize customers to Shazam for free coupons, retailers may just be able to win customers back from online stores.

Why Two Competing News ‘Indies’ in Suburban Charlotte Are Teaming Up (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The independent digital community news site Davidson News and sister site Cornelius News are teaming up with six-year-old print-based Citizen Media Group in Charlotte. To see why these competing “indies” decided to partner, and what they hope to achieve, we spoke recently with their founders.

San Francisco Transport System Trials Mobile Payments (Finextra)
San Francisco is prepping a pilot that will let riders on the Municipal Railway purchase and use fares through a mobile app. Users will be able to store a debit or credit card or use PayPal to purchase tickets anytime and anywhere for single or multiple fares.

An Online Jeweler Creates Links With Brick-and-Mortar Shops (New York Times)
The clicks-and-bricks idea is simple: Retailers want to be wherever their customers happen to be shopping, either online or in stores. And while e-commerce sales continue to grow, they still pale in comparison to sales made in traditional brick-and-mortar locations, where retailers can help customers more.

The Danger of Calling Uber a “Tech Company” (BuzzFeed)
Charlie Warzel: The Silicon Valley tech company ethos is predicated on the notion that the innovators can bypass establishment rules on their way to changing the world. The problem: “Move fast and break things” works when the “things” are software. It works slightly less — and poses a serious safety concern — when those “things” are people.

10 Ways Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve in 2015 (Huffington Post)
Location-based marketing is one of a few major focal points for marketers in 2015. Using technology built into today’s mobile devices, marketers are finding innovative ways to reach out to customers. Here are 10 ways location-based marketing will shape business in 2015.

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