LBMA Podcast: SideSwipe’s Gestures, TomTom Opens Up

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: SideSwipe’s gestures; FritoLays hands out samples in bus shelters; Pinpoint offers location-based audio game; Geofeedia and Adnear raise; TomTom opens up; Chico’s embraces RFID; Loopd brings beacons to conferences; Lufthansa’s augmented premium seats; Yondr’s phone-free zones; Ikea’s motivational mirror. Plus, what happened to Hailo and why RFID in a world of beacons.

Top stories of the week

(starts at 5:40)

1. SideSwipe lets you control your phone with gestures (5:40)
2. FritoLays turns bus shelter into vending machines (London) (10:15)
3. Pinpoint by Foundbite – geographic guessing game (13:25)
4. Geofeedia raises $3.5M, Adnear gets $19M (16:25)
5. TomTom launches online navigation (18:50)
6. Chico’s launches RFID at 13 stores (21:40)
7. Loopd launches new tracking tools for conferences (25:25)
8. Lufthanse launches AR app for premium economy (30:20)
9. Yondr creates phone free zones for concerts (35:50)
10. Ikea’s Motivational Mirror (42:20)

Deep-dive Discussions:
1. Product-level tracking: Supporting sales staff, inventory (49:50)
2. Hailo pulls out of North America (56:00)

Resource of the week:
Geolocation technology based services to spike in Asia Pacific region (61:25)