LBMA Podcast: Google’s Local Ads, 7Eleven Rolls Out Belly

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Sprooki rolls out beacons in Singapore malls; Philipp Schmitt’s location-based light painting project; Comcast thinks EveryBlock and Philadelphia are a good combination; Magpi’s cloud-based mobile data collection; Google brings local ads to the desktop; Runkeeper partners with KIIP; PitneyBowes’ location start-up incubator in India; 7Eleven rolls out Belly to 2600 stores; QR codes to help Alzheimer sufferers from getting lost; Pumpipumpe goes old-school with sharing through stickers. Our resource of the week is Jawbone’s earthquake chart. Our special guest is Peter Cahill, founder of Life Line Response.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 197

Recorded: August 29, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Top stories of the week

(starts at 6:45)

1. Singapore mall rolls our beacons with Sprooki
2. Location-based Light Painting project – Philipp Schmitt
3. Comcast and EveryBlock Philly
4. Magpi – Cloud-based mobile data collection
5. Google brings local ads to the desktop as part of Google Shopping
6. RunKeeper partners with Kiip for monetization
7. PitneyBowes location start-up incubator in India
8. 7Eleven rolls out Belly to 2,600 stores
9. QR codes issued for elderly with Alzheimer’s in China

Guest: Peter Cahill founder of Life Line Response (34:00)

Deep-dive Discussions:
1. Location as art (43:00)
2. Highly local content – can it succeed? (47:55)
3. Marketing nostalgia – the screen backlash (55:35)

Resource of the week
Jawbone’s Earthquake chart (66:10)

  1. Logan LaHive
    September 5, 2014

    Hey Rob –

    Nice video – thanks for the props on our tech – because yeah, Belly is great tech. But, sorry to tell you, you are way off base.

    The argument you are making sounds familiar (and logical) – it’s what we hear from many large retailers and brands.

    It’s also the SAME argument big retailers made when rejecting the notion of investing in biz pages on Facebook… “We want people to come to OUR website.”

    Thankfully, the data and performance of Belly in test locations w/ 7-Eleven showed them the value of being part of a larger network. Of working with a pure tech company that has built the largest digital loyalty network in the US. Thankfully, 7-Eleven had the foresight to try small tests with innovative tech companies, and the boldness to act on the success.

    Brands and big retailers DO want their own programs, their own apps, their own experience… but, you know who doesn’t care what retailers want? Consumers.

    Can you really imagine a world where in 2 years you swipe to the 3rd screen of your phone to see an app for EVERY business you go? Consolidation to large independent networks and platforms is a proven trend in digital. See Facebook. See Amazon.

    May take some time for people to recognize the trend – but, that’s where innovators and risk takers will thrive. And 7-Eleven has proven to be at the forefront…

    Logan LaHive

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