Street Fight Daily: Nokia Yanks Maps App, Groupon’s Bowl Game Conundrum

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.

Nokia_logo2_234Nokia Yanks Here Maps From Apple’s App Store (AllThingsD)
Here Maps, the mapping service that Nokia touted as an alternative to Apple’s first ill-starred iOS Maps app, is gone from the App Store today, and evidently iOS 7 is the reason. It’s not clear how, exactly, iOS 7 harmed the Here Maps experience, though some report that the app became quite buggy with the advent of Apple’s latest mobile OS.

Hyperlocal Execs’ 2014 Predictions (Part One): Moz, Foursquare, Booker (Street Fight)
As we have for the past couple of years, Street Fight recently asked a number of hyperlocal luminaries to weigh in with their predictions for where local is headed in 2014. We’ll be running their responses in two installments, today and tomorrow.

When Bowl Tickets Go on Groupon, Colleges Pay the Price (USAToday)
While college bowls require participating schools to pay full price for their allotted tickets, fans find they can buy tickets to the same games for much less through online discounters. Yet the schools in the games must appeal to fans’ loyalty to persuade them to buy tickets from the school’s allotment instead of buying much cheaper tickets online.

There’s a New ‘Local’ Industry in the Making (Street Fight)
Call it local media, marketing, or commerce — but the existing terminology and classifications used to describe the “local” industry simply do not fit anymore. What’s emerged in 2013 is a community of technology companies, organized around the idea of creating a better, more connected local marketplace.

Tribune Closes $2.7B Deal for Local Holdings Stations (Poynter)
Tribune announced Friday it closed on its purchase of Local Holdings LLC. The acquisition produces the “largest combined independent broadcast group and content creator in the country,” the company stated in a news release. The company announced in the summer that it planned to purchase 19 stations from Local Holdings for $2.7 billion.

Five Things LivingSocial Needs To Do in 2014 (WashingtonPost)
LivingSocial executives have been fixated on rapid growth since the firm’s inception, with mixed results along the way. There’s no guarantee these ideas will bear the fruit executives hope for. Nevertheless, the company’s CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy asserts the company is better positioned to make them a reality now than just a year ago.

The Guiding iBeacon: Helping Brands Navigate Customer Relationships (GigaOm)
Puneet Mehta: The net that beacons will cast, however, is far wider than the retail scenario, especially when, according to Forbes, Apple has laid the groundwork for every iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad sold since the iPhone 4S into an iBeacon. Here are some of the most exciting use cases that no one is talking about yet.

Why Brands Will Focus Less on Startups in 2014 (AdAge)
People are debating whether startup funding from venture capitalists is in a bubble, but there’s another kind of bubble that doesn’t have much time left: the past few years of brands’ interest in startups. Come 2014, brands are going to get more serious, and startups are going to have to work harder to get their attention. Here are three reasons why a lot of the brand and agency love for startups is going to fizzle.

After Six Years Walking the Walk, Which Big Planets Have to Align to Make Hyperlocal Work (Rick Waghorn)
For anyone who has tried to tie new advertising strategies to the field of hyperlocal media, so the intervening years have brought very little by way of respite or release. And yet – as both the Guardian and Sky have proved with their respective, and abandoned, forays into the field of local – the appetite is there for local news.

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