LBMA Podcast: Flybits, and VistarMedia’s Jeremy Ozon

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Welcome to episode #158. On the show: Toronto-based Flybits builds context into directions for the City of Ottawa; PropertyShark maps toxic materials in New York City; British Airways marries planes and billboards; Bon-Ton goes all Agent 99 on us with NFC shoes; Placecast works with Aha Radio to bring context to deals; Rehabstudio gives us the storefront of the future. In our Mobile Minute, Chuck Martin gives us the different shopping habits of PC and mobile users; Our resource of the week focuses on the difference between NFC and QR codes; Our app of the week is SilverIMP from Scotland; Our special guest is VistarMedia co-founder Jeremy Ozon.

Episode 158

Recorded: December 1, 2013
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:

A few announcements
– Do you have a location based marketing question? Ask us here and we’ll answer it on an upcoming show.

A Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin: The difference between PC and mobile shopping (7:55)

Special guest of the week: Jeremy Ozon, co-founder of Vistar Media (28:40)

App fascination of the week:: Silver IMP (10:05)

Top news of the week

1. The City of Ottawa launches the Flybits platform (14:10)
2. PropertyShark‘s interactive map of NYC toxic sites (20:10)
3. British Airways digital billboard for Magic of Flying campaign (24:22)
4. The Bon-Ton launches NFC-enable shoe marketing campaign (39:50)
5. Placecast brings location-based deals to your car (47:10)
6. +Rehabstudio’s vision of the Storefront of the future (52:40)

Resource of the week: Comparing QR codes with NFC (58:15)