LBMA Podcast: Rogers Partners With Sprint, RevTrax CEO Jonathan Trieber

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Welcome to episode #150. Rogers has a busy week launching alerts and partnering with Sprint on the connected car; Citi Field tests Apple’s iBeacon; Placeable helps you “Plot” your data; Metaio gives us car manuals in Google Glass; Footlocker gives you 46 quadrillion shoe choices; EyeQuant raises money to take eye tracking into the real world. Our mobile minute with Chuck Martin focuses on how mobile payments will be a more natural part of our day; Our resource of the week is an infographic entitled Mobile Commerce is Growing; Our special guest is Jonathan Treiber, CEO of RevTrax.

Episode 150

Recorded: October 4, 2013

Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:

A few announcements
– Do you have a location based marketing question? Ask us here and we’ll answer it on an upcoming show.

A Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin: Mobile Payments Throughout the Course of a Day (6:50)

Special guest of the week: Jonathan Treiber, CEO RevTrax (28:50)

Location fascination of the weekMemoir (10:15)

Top news of the week

1. Roger’s launches shop Alerts and partners with Sprint for the connected car (15:30)
2. Citi field tests Apple’s iBeacon (22:15)
3. Placeable launches “Plot” data visualization tool (27:23)
4. Metaio launches Google Glass based car manual (36:15)
5. Footlocker uses kiosk to let consumer design their own New Balance shoes (42:24)
6. EyeQuant raises capital to take online eye tracking into the real world (45:40)

Resource of the weekMobile Commerce Is Growing – Infographic (49:32)