LBMA Podcast: Apple Making Social Maps, YuMe’s Targeted Video Ads

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association, with hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan. In this week’s episode, Apple is creating a Waze of its own; YuMe brings targeted video ads to the home; France rocks biometric payments and IBM’s Smarter Cities billboards; and tracking moods through facial expressions to sell cosmetics. SolveMedia and Unilever brand the captcha. This week features special guest Krina Patel of Ingenious Med and a Mobile Minute feature with Chuck Martin plus our resource of the week.

Episode 138

Recorded: July 12, 2013
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Featured Guest
Krina Patel, VP of Ingenious Med (25:13)

A Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin: Have you ever wondered what types of stores mobile users are happiest at and what makes them happy? Then this Mobile Minute is for you. The research is brought to you by GigaOm pro and delivered by us. (5:40)

Top news of the week

1. Apple to launch their own “Waze” (8:15)
2. YuMe – enables video ad targeting to individual households (12:50)
3. Biometric payments in France (17:54)
4. Solvemedia and Unilever (35:00)
5. IBM Smarter Cities Billboards in France (40:50)
6. Factual‘s new geo-targeting service (46:00)
7. Ulybka Radugi + Synqera tracking facial expressions in-store (52:14)

Resource of the Week
10,000 hours in 10 minutes with Asif Khan (60:00)