Street Fight Daily: Waze Gets Social with Facebook, Spun Upgrades News App

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

waze3cm2Waze Mapping App Gets a Little More Social with Facebook Events (GigaOm)
Acquisition talks between Facebook and crowd-sourced mapping data company Waze may have derailed, but technical ties between the two companies’ services is chugging along. On Thursday Waze plans to release an update to its navigation apps for iOS and Android that includes integration with Facebook Events.

6 Digital Marketing Platforms For Hyperlocal Publishers (Street Fight)
No longer satisfied with static banner ads, merchants are increasingly demanding digital agency-type services from their local news publications. Here are six platforms that publishers can use to expand their offerings to small business advertisers.

Spun 2.0 Upgrades Local News by Ditching Location (Mashable)
Spun’s secret sauce is its discovery engine and editorial staff that ensures the best local content gets to its users. But in the new version, it’s adding content that’s not location-specific, so users anywhere in the world can also find valuable content.

It’s Local Media That’s Broken, Not Hyperlocal (Street Fight)
Josh Fenton: In mid-sized cities across America for nearly 100 years, the daily newspaper was the purveyor of enterprise journalism, the opinion maker and a focal point for advertising. In many cities they were monopolies: they set the pricing for advertising, they promoted and punished political officials, and they decided the news cycle every day. But as digital has overtaken American life, mid-sized American newspapers have not kept pace.

70% Of Mobile QSR Campaigns Use Location Targeting (MediaPost)
A new report says that 70% of QSR/casual campaigns involve some type of location targeting. Based on a review of 100 campaigns run between January 2012 and March 2013, location-based mobile ad network Verve Mobile found those that included location targeting had twice the response rate of ones without location data, with an average click-through rate of 1.21% to .61%.

Postmates’ Local Delivery Service Hits New York City (HuffingtonPost)
Postmates, the local delivery startup that’s already made a name for itself in San Francisco and Seattle, is kicking off its New York City operations today. The app allows users to select from a list of featured restaurants and stores in their area, and connects them with one of 50 couriers the company is currently contracting with in the area.

OnStar: GM’s Not-So-Secret Weapon (Businessweek)
General Motors’s OnStar telematics subsidiary, its 17-year-old roadside-assistance and navigation service, puts the automaker in an attractive position as the web comes to the car. ”There’s a location-based marketing cocoon being built around your car, and it’s very much in your interest to share data,” says Roger Lanctot, an analyst with Strategy Analytics, a technology consulting firm.

The Newsonomics of Climbing the Ad Food Chain (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Ken Doctor: Digital advertising is still growing — but not for publishers, many of which are struggling to get past zero growth. How can a news company compete with the Googles and Facebooks for advertiser dollars?

MyTime Adds ‘MyFavorites’ Page to Drive Engagement and Repeat Usage (Screenwerk)
MyTime, the online scheduling and commerce platform for SMBs, is launching a new consumer-facing feature called “MyFavorites.” The company, which is run by RedBeacon co-founder Ethan Anderson, is offering a $10 consumer incentive to add businesses to the favorites page.

Weotta Can Deliver Your Ultimate Local Recommendations, If You’ll Let It (PandoDaily)
Weotta app knows you and your friends, knows where you are, and knows what food and entertainment options are available nearby. From this data, the Weotta aims to deliver the social options most likely to appeal to you and your crew, be they friends or family, and also make sure you don’t find out about a big event the day after it happens.

LBMA Podcast: Domino’s, LevelUp, and UpOut’s Martin Shen (Street Fight )
In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan talk about Shazam’s background tagging; Domino’s delivers Pizza-smelling DVDs; UberMedia changes the rules in targeted ads with UberAds; LevelUp partners with NCR; The importance of customer feedback and engagement plus special guest Martin Shen, co-founder of UpOut.

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