Street Fight Daily: Mobile-Local Video, Foursquare Readies New Ad Product

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

couponsFox News and WSJ Look to Turn Video Ads Into Mobile Coupons (AdWeek)
Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Shaw Media want to help advertisers convert their TV commercials into hyperlocal mobile commerce opportunities. Today, the companies announced that they are working with mDialog to create “tap-through” video ads that drive readers to location-based mobile coupons.

Openings & New Hires at Yelp, Groupon,, Viddy and more (Street Fight)
Kelly Benish: It is indeed hiring season! Who are the eager employers? Nokia, DexOne, Yelp, Hibu, CityGrid, and Street Fight among them (us). On the move this week include executives at Local Market Launch, Groupon, Acquisio and Viddy, where the son of Michael Ovitz has faced some controversy over his company’s distribution techniques. Plus, find out who’s looking to make the leap.

Foursquare Planning to Offer Check-in Data to Target Ads on Other Platforms (AdAge)
Foursquare has started pitching digital agencies on a new ad product that would use Foursquare’s location and behavioral data to contextualize ads on other platforms, executives familiar with the situation said. The ad product is still in development and will eventually allow advertisers to use Foursquare data to target ads purchased through ad exchanges or networks.

Report: Online Ad Revenue to Hit $24.3B in 2013 (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: In looking at the categories of ad revenue, Borrell Associates found that displays ads, which have taken a lot of heat in the industry for their supposed increasing irrelevance, remain the dominant choice of businesses. But targeted display has moved ahead of run-of-site display, and targeted’s rate of growth is far higher

With Profitable Operations And 100K Stores On Its Platform, Retail Tech Startup Erply Shifts Into High Gear (TechCrunch)
Erply, the company that makes cloud-based and iPad-centric point of sale and inventory management software for retailers, is up against big competition: Microsoft, Oracle, and RetailPro are just some of the behemoths in the same space. But three years after its US debut, Erply tells us it is still in the game and seeing encouraging growth — and has hit some new milestones that show its progress.

Wanderful Media Revamps Find&Save With Personalization in Mind (Street Fight)
“We’re building toward a completely personalized experience, like Netflix,” said Dave Thomsen, the company’s EVP of product design. “When you’re logged in, you get a unique circular that’s customized for you based on what we know about you.” So the product will understand what you have looked for in the past and show deals you might be interested in now.

Hyperlocal Political Ads Increase Target Accuracy Online (MediaPost)
An innovative process for manipulating data got engage:BDR, a Los Angeles-based display, video and mobile advertising agency, a pretty good gig targeting online political ads based on offline data. The offline data voter files tie to IP zones and streets through online transaction data, enabling engage:BDR’s technology to target the ads.

Constant Contact Founder Randy Parker Launches Mobile Web Platform PagePart (Street Fight)
Constant Contact founder Randy Parker has launched a new mobile web platform for SMBs called PagePart. The company seeks to be a simple and low-cost online and mobile solution for SMBs to establish and update their information online, and to optimize it for mobile.

NYC Digital Head on the Value of Hyperlocal Media (PSFK)
Rachel Sterne, the Chief Digital Officer for the city of New York, spoke with about how hyperlocal reporting is boosting civic engagement by establishing direct channels of communication from the ground up, while helping to ensure communal well-being by rapidly documenting potentially harmful incidents.

Consumers Could Pay Higher Switching Costs in a Data Driven World (GigaOm)
Stacey Higginbotham: As we bring more data into all aspects of our shopping lives, consumers may suddenly face the same conundrum in restaurants or stores. As data collection and predictions improve, stores are better able to anticipate the value of a customer and reward them accordingly. This leads me to wonder two things, how does this change customer service? And will it drive consumers to greater loyalty by making the cost of switching providers higher?

How Nextdoor Can Help You Be A Better Citizen (ReadWrite)
Fruzsina Eördögh: Like most fledgling networks, Nextdoor’s main problem right now is the lack of active users, though my neighbors have been slowly signing up for the network as word spreads. Right now, the content on Nextdoor is user-generated. But since there aren’t many users, the conversation often isn’t there. That’s discouraging for new users who sign up.

LBMA PODCAST: David Lieb Ushers in the ‘Age of Inference’(Street Fight)
In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan look at a new universal ad metric; Tata Docomo makes it easy to check in without GPS or internet (but why?); and Glympse moves onto the streets inside of BMW. Special guest David Lieb ushers in the age of inference and we all take a much needed mobile moment thanks to Chadwick Martin Bailey…

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