LocalVox Acquires Postling, Releases Product Suite 3.0

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Fresh off raising $7.4 million in Series A funds, New York-based local marketing platform LocalVox has announced the acquisition of Postling, which creates a social media marketing dashboard product used by over 20,000 small businesses.

“Social media has become the leading channel for customer relationship management and loyalty marketing for local businesses,” LocalVox president Trevor Sumner said. “Postling’s robust platform exemplifies the LocalVox product philosophy of taking something that is inherently complex like monitoring and driving social conversations online, and making makes it simple, effective and affordable.

Postling has been integrated into a new product suite that LocalVox is releasing today as its version 3.0.  The changes include “a unified social media inbox that publishes to a host of social media channels” as well as a mobile, geo-targeted deals platform.

“The LocalVox 3.0 is a much simpler interface to control all of your marketing online from local business directories, reporting, how you rank on specific keywords, all those type of things,” Sumner told Street Fight in a phone interview. “The combination of platform and service is tremendous for local businesses. These are by far the simplest tools we’ve seen on the market.”

The suite gives small businesses a redesigned dashboard that allows them to easily see how often a brand is being seen, how many people are reading their content, and how many people they can reach through LocalVox — the proprietary “findability score.” It also has tools for automatic emails to customers; Facebook and website updates; can publish content across a network of publishers; and gives the option of updating listing information on 100 different directories.

“Putting these types of tools in the hands of local business for a couple hundred dollars a month is our core mission of making [local marketing] simple, effective, and affordable,” Sumner said.

The new dashboard’s integration Postling “focuses on action inboxes, or things that you’re specifically supposed to react to.” The service monitors Yelp, Twitter mentions, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Citysearch, and many other sites and services.

Noah Davis is a senior editor at Street Fight.