Street Culture: Year-Old JumpCrew Builds for Scale, Eschews ‘Startup Culture’

“There has to be a process around the strategy to support the goals of others,” says founder David Pachter. “The people driving innovation are the ones on the front lines, working with clients and products. That groundswell of direction and changes, they don’t happen if you don’t have open channels of communication.”

LocalVox Acquires Postling, Releases Product Suite 3.0

Fresh off raising $7.4 million in Series A funds, New York-based local marketing platform LocalVox has announced the acquisition of Postling, which creates a social media marketing dashboard product used by over 20,000 small businesses..

LocalVox Launches White-Label Local Marketing Tool

LocalVox, the local marketing platform built by hyperlocal publisher Nearsay, has launched a white-label advertorial publishing tool. The widget will allow larger hyperlocals and vertical niche publishers with existing sales and marketing teams to host and syndicate advertorial content from their clients across the LocalVox publishing network — and will help them push that content to social media outlets…