Rick Blair Joins Street Fight as Adviser and Columnist

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When you want to know how to make money in hyperlocal publishing, you can’t go wrong by turning to Rick Blair. The former CEO of Examiner.com led that business’s innovative, and occasionally controversial, push into a new revenue model for publishing. Under his leadership, the network grew to to 1.5 billion page views and more than 1 million articles, and regularly ranked among the top 10 most trafficked news sites.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that we at Street Fight jumped at the chance to have Rick join us. Since our launch almost a year ago, we’ve been focused on sussing out the good ideas that will drive hyperlocal toward sustainable business models. And at the same time, we’ve worked on building our own sustainable business so that we can continue to bring you these good ideas. In addition to our ad-supported website, we also publish an ad-supported newsletter; we host paid events; we publish sponsored and paid research; and we have a strong base of members.

Our hope is that with Rick’s help as an adviser and columnist we can continue to bring you ever more information, networking and tools you need for your business.

Rick joins an esteemed group of advisers and investors, including Larry Kramer, founder of CBS Marketwatch; Rick Robinson, formerly of AOL Digital Cities (whose Locl.ly was acquired by Street Fight in 2011); Warren Kay, formerly of Yahoo Local; Jeff Lundwall of Mercury Group; Steve Hawk of Wells Fargo; and former AOL lawyer Brian Dengler.

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