PODCAST: This Week in Location-Based Marketing — Locately, Promobomb

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan look at IBM’s DemandTec dive into location analytics with Locately; Amex and Facebook payments; Senzari’s connection of radio to location through Facebook Places; Highlight takes center stage; the YELP! IPO; and Libby Tucker of Promobomb.

Episode 67
Recorded: March 3, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. IBM’s DemandTec announces partnership with Locately (3:00)
2. LivingSocial to launch their own credit card (7:08)
3. Amex launches Serve Facebook payments app (10:30)
4. Wyless and LocAid partner to provide carrier grade location (14:30)
5. Senzari unveils internet radio connected to Facebook Places (17:25)

Product of the Week
Promobomb: With special guest Libby Tucker, Founder & CEO (23:00)

Funding / M&A News
1. Karma gets $4.5M (30:34)
2. Highlight App raises seed round from Benchmark Capital (32:12)
Check out the UNTETHER episode with Damien Patton from Banjo
3. Yelp goes public $15 (36:00)

Resource of the Week
Competitrack QR Code Study (38:50)

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