Local Quotables: Hallinan, Mason, Rainert, Bass and more

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

This week’s best quote was from Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, who defended his company from attacks on its business model — saying the issues critics pointed to were simply due to Groupon’s rapid growth. This week’s quotes also feature Foursquare’s plan for a new web presence, a new definition for “hyperlocal,” and the integration of social media into television.

Greg Hallinan, Verve WirelessJanuary 11, 2012
Street Fight:  If you have the consumers on your local site – whether that’s online, mobile, or both – you have the ability to monetize. The challenge with any location targeting, which is not necessarily unique to mobile, is reach. You can location target yourself right out of an audience.

Andrew Mason, Groupon, January 11, 2012
CBS News: I think the big thing about Groupon is just people had never seen anything grow quite so fast and that made people dig in and be skeptical.

Greg Sterling, Opus Research, January 12, 2012
Mashable: Hyperlocal search may be dying, but the phenomenon is evolving and becoming more mobile. SoLoMo is a more mobile-centric version of the same concept with greater local precision: It’s about getting nearby information on demand, wherever you may be.

Austin Carr, journo, January 12, 2012
Fast Company: It [Search+] is a smart but incredibly shady move on Google’s part. On the one hand, Google has made it sound like it has fairly offered to index competitor social data in its results; on the other hand, Google is essentially extorting these competitors for their social data.

Edwin Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, January 13, 2012
Business Insider: Technology companies are key to our city’s economic future and are a critical part of making San Francisco the innovation capital of the word.

Alex Rainert, Foursquare, January 12, 2012
Gigaom: We like to design for people, place and time and location will be no. 1 for us. By and large most of those things will be mobile-first, but certain things like curating and creating can be easier on the web. We don’t want to treat the web as an afterthought.

Amy Martin, Digital Royalty, January 15, 2012
Techcrunch: Many shows have already begun to integrate social TV, either through polling or integrating social elements within the show … Social media played a pivotal role in the last presidential election, and it will likely be more integrated into political broadcasts.

Paul Bass,New Haven Independent, January 18, 2012
Street Fight: I think it’s a mistake to go by number of eyeballs. I think there is going to be smart, targeted ads that are going to work on certain scales. One idea I’ve been wondering about is if there’s a hybrid for-profit, not-for-profit network that could be set up with 10 or 20 sites like the Independent that are very engaged with their readership around issues that are shared by cities …