Street Fight Daily: 01.04.12

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

No Startup Is Better Than Foursquare With New Products (PaidContent)
Anil Dash: Foursquare is the one startup that’s doing the most remarkable job of any company out there in product strategy and product creation. Though they’ve obviously gotten a lot of attention for their success, I think some of the nuances of what they’re pulling off have remained non-obvious, and wanted to document what’s interesting far beyond the amount of dollars of venture capital funding they’ve amassed.

Groupon Grows 6% in November Despite Thanksgiving Dropoff (Yipit)
Groupon grew 6% in November, outpacing the broader North American Daily Deal industry. Groupon benefited from record performance in its travel and consumer products segments early in November, while LivingSocial saw a 5% decline during the month. The Thanksgiving Holiday led to significant declines for all major players towards the end of November.

Furious Merchant: ‘Groupon And LivingSocial Are Doomed’ (Business Insider)
Henry Blodget: We just got an amusing note from a New York entrepreneur who owns two companies. He tried Living Social deals for both of them. And he feels like an idiot and swears he’ll never do it again.

Yell Group Brings In Consultant To Implement Its New Strategy (PaidContent)
Yell Group is bringing in-house the consulting partner who wrote its new digital strategy, to help implement it in 2012. Matt Anderson is on Booz & Co’s consumer media and digital practice in Houston; now he is becoming Yell’s chief strategy and business development officer.

For When You’re Too Hungry To Scroll Through A Million Yelp Reviews (TechCrunch)
“Menu and Hours” is a Kickstarter project designed just to give you just the menu, hours, contact info and location of local eateries — the antidote to unnavigable mobile restaurant sites and TMI foodie services like Urbanspoon.

Who Loses With Daily Deals? (Daily Deal Media)
Marc Horne: From my discussions with small business owners, it has become obvious that one party involved in the daily deal seems to typically always lose. If a merchant properly crunches some numbers and works closely with the daily deal site, it is possible for all parties involved to win. Many and most times however, one party loses out.

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