Street Fight Daily: 12.13.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Gowalla Went For $3M In Facebook Shares, And Many Investors Were Cool With That (TechCrunch)
Alexia Tsotsis: A majority of Gowalla investors were cool with the deal being entirely in Facebook shares, because those are likely to be more profitable moving forward — as Facebook approaches IPO. The team, many of which will not be moving on to Facebook, did not get a significantly better deal than investors.

When It Comes to Mobile Devices, Focus Will Be on Location, Location, Location (Washington Post)
Location-based technologies look poised to become more ubiquitous and complex as the calendar turns to 2012 and companies find new ways to apply them to how people shop, dine and socialize. The question will be how those technologies continue to evolve and the challenges and opportunities they create in the process.

Guardian’s n0tice Will Pay Citizen Moderators (ReadWriteWeb)
The latest forward-thinking digital initiative from The Guardian,, has just announced a healthy revenue sharing model for administrators of its hyperlocal message boards. n0tice is a location-powered Web community that combines a little citizen journalism with the future of classified ads.

Will Groupon Thrive Or Tank In Q4? (Business Insider)
Groupon’s Q4 2011 couldn’t be more crucial: Will it see the revenue bump it needs from holiday shoppers to justify its business model? Or will sales collapse following CEO Andrew Mason’s promised pullback on marketing and customer acquisition spending?

The Smart ‘Geoknowledge’ Tech Behind Local Q&A App LocalUncle (The Next Web)
“When you connect your Foursquare account, we pick up data about where you’ve been, how often etc.,” explains LocalUncle CEO Philip Estrada Reichen. “This builds up a ‘geoknowledge graph’ of who is likely to know what about where. We can pick the most accurate person people to answer a particular question. Even if no-one has been, we can pick people who have checked in nearest, and may have the right knowledge.”

Local Mobile Ad Network xAd Raises $9M From SoftBank And Others (TechCrunch)
xAD, which wants to be wants to be the the “AdMob of Local,” offers a local mobile search and advertising network in the U.S. The company’s patented mobile optimization technology identifies who, what, and where an end user is, and serves the most relevant click, call and check in based advertising.

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