Local Quotables: Rick Waghorn, DJ Patil, Michael Fives, Emily Chang & More…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

It’s not easy being a reporter on the daily Groupon deals beat these days. So says fatigued Emily Chang at Bloomberg West. And why did Foursquare win over Gowalla? Because if you can make it in New York, pretty much no one else stands a chance. Or, in the pith provided by one Gowalla investor on why that service lost: “Austin.” Other words this week on the “RT” as an endorsement or not; skepticism over Verizon’s block of Google Wallet; thoughts on the content walled garden; and more:

Mary Kimm, Connection Newspapers, December 6, 2011
Twitter@stevebuttry RT not an endorsement. It’s like claiming that a reporter is endorsing a point of view when he/she quotes it in a story..

DJ Patil, GreylockDecember 6, 2011
Twitter: I feel a dark disturbance in the force and lawyers are about to become rich. [in regards to Verizon block of Google Wallet]

Gowalla investorDecember 6, 2011
TechCrunch: Austin. [on why Gowalla lost the check-in battle to Foursquare]

Emily Chang, Bloomberg West, December 8, 2011
Twitter: We’ve reported on Groupon so much my fingers automatically type “groupon” when I’m trying to type “group.” Sad.

Rick WaghornAddiplyDecember 7, 2011
Twitter: LivingSocial in a $400m funding quest; on a $6bn valuation; biggest expense? Shoe leather. Its local sales force vs Groupon reps. Madness.

Michael FivesMeetupDecember 7, 2011
Street Fight: There’s a ton of mostly unstructured hyperlocal data floating around out there that is immensely valuable to businesses, advertisers, developers, and pretty much anyone who’s building a business in the hyperlocal space.

Lauren SperberPatchDecember 7, 2011
Street Fight: We’ll see less of this closed, walled-garden approach to content and more distribution of content because it drives traffic back to the original content site.