Street Fight Daily: 08.25.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups. is rolling out its daily deals offerings in Manhattan and Brooklyn today. One thing AmazonLocal can do, which Groupon and other deals sites cannot, is promote still more deals on Amazon itself. (New York Times/Bits)

Local news remains – oddly – one of the final frontiers not yet conquered under the Internet’s mighty dominion. But its time seems to be arriving, and experiments abound. (American Journalism Review)

The demise of Facebook Places also raises a question about a related service rolled out earlier this year: Facebook Deals. “So far, Deals is tangential to the Facebook experience, and Facebook is indicating that anything on the sidelines will have to flourish or perish,” says David Berkowitz, vice president of emerging media at digital agency 360i. (MediaPost)

In an effort to make mobile service improvements more transparent, AT&T has launched eight microsites for major markets that focus on service enhancements made in the past year. (TechCrunch)

Google’s Panoramio is a photo-sharing network built around a different purpose than the rest. It’s held together by meticulous tagging and location data, making it thoroughly searchable, and it revolves around the notions of places and exploration, rather than just the capturing of moments.(ReadWriteWeb)

New location-based social network BuzzMob targets users who are simultaneously attending events like baseball games, rock concerts, political rallies and conferences. BuzzMobbers within the same location are connected to talk (and receive exclusive content from within a digital network). (VentureBeat)

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