Street Fight Daily: 08.12.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

An upcoming promotion with RedBox deal seems to go against Foursquare’s whole raison d’être — which is all about getting users out and about. But the new users that result will become increasingly valuable, particularly as Foursquare focuses not just on letting users share where they are now, but to suggest where they should be going. (GigaOm)

Should investors run screaming from Groupon? Is it an overrated, hyped-up scam? Are we in the middle of another tech bubble? Well, Groupon does seem rather prone to hyperbole, perhaps because its business has proved so worthy of it in its mere months of existence. (Slate)

Local newspapers, radio stations, and TV affiliates are the ones that could be most easily disrupted by changes in technology and advertising. What replaces them as they go away? One theory is that Facebook’s news feed could take over their responsibilities. (Business Insider)

A hyperlocal site set up by a journalism student at Brunel University in London claims to have received more than 1 million page views in a day, after live blogging the riots across London. (

HopStop, a much loved website for public transit, cab, walking and biking directions, has added a new feature that allows users searching for local directions to quantify the relative carbon emissions of their travel via different transit options. (The Next Web)

Shane Hayes, the CEO of daily deal aggregator Siftie, responds to recent reports that Groupon’s subscriber base is fading in Boston, saying “the symptoms leading to this diagnosis are exactly the same symptoms that one would expect if Groupon’s strategy to add more value for its merchants were working.” (Daily Deal Media)

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