Street Fight Daily: 07.26.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Goshi, a marketplace that aims to disrupt Craigslist by adding a local and mobile component to buying and selling items in your community, debuted its service in Chicago yesterday.  Basically, Goshi’s iPhone app allows you to take a photo of an item you want to sell, describe the item, put a price on it and then post it to the marketplace. (TechCrunch)

Expect plenty of consolidation in the daily deal industry over next year or two. But that isn’t the only change coming to the business. By this time next year, you may be finding the best daily deals via search and social networks rather than email blasts — and you could be redeeming the deals with a swipe of your credit card. (Paid Content)

“Events are journalism — events are content. And in this new world, content comes to you and you create it in many forms,” says Evan Smith, the Texas Tribune’s chief editor and chief executive. (Nieman Lab)

Digital coupon company SavingStar has hit half a million users on a shoe-string marketing budget since it launched its ecoupon product in April. putting it on a faster initial pace than Groupon and Foursquare. (GigaOm)

“‘Community journalism assumes its value in finding ways to connect people — by identifying passions and concerns they share, linking neighbor to neighbor, and motivating people to act.” (Nieman Reports)

While the terms remain unclear, Groupon thought it best to settle up their battle with Walker Digital over intellectual property. The court battle began back in April when Walker filed claims against 100 plus companies for alleged patent infringement violations.  (Daily Deal Media)

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