Street Fight Daily: 07.05.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

“Instead of telling small businesses to avoid daily deals, how about trying to understand why some small businesses are having success?” writes Vinicius Vacanti. “With that understanding, we could then educate other small businesses on how they might be able to replicate that success themselves.” (TechCrunch)

“While location advertising may not be new, marketers can now digitally localize their ads,” writes David Staas. “The question is, how do brands win in this new world of location media?” (Mashable)

“Google has put out a very credible beta [of Offers] in Portland,” writes Rocky Agarwal. “I believe that they’re striking a better balance between merchant and consumer value than Groupon.” (TechCrunch)

After all the talk about the challenges hyperlocals are tackling, and little apparent progress in solving them, it is high time for some positive news in the hyperlocal field. (Editor’s Weblog)

LivingSocial director of communications Maire Griffin responds to two recent studies about the daily deals industry. (Daily Deal Media)

Compared to Groupon, which has enormous administrative costs and is hemorrhaging a lot of money, Zynga is a ruthlessly-run, well-oiled machine. (VentureBeat)

CityPockets has raised $750,000 in a recent round of funding led by Ben Lin of Great Oaks Venture Capital, a two-angel early-stage fund with investments in Invite Media,, 33Across, OKCupid and Warby Parker. (Daily Deal Media)

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