Twitter Local: @adamblottr, @vacanti, @jimbradysp and more

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All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Internet Analyst Greg Sterling and Sam Altman of Loopt critique Google’s new Facebook competitor, Google+, the Journal Register’s Jim Brady compares the fight between bloggers and journalists to “Titanic,” and more:

Adam Baker, Blottr, June 24, 2011
@adamblottr: What a complete waste of time PeerIndex is. Why all the hype?

Vinicius Vacanti, Yipit, June 24, 2011
@vacanti: Why isn’t the press talking about the real issue with @foursquare fundraise: we’re going to have a kitten infestation

Jim Brady, Journal Register, June 28, 2011
@jimbradysp: And w/o Kate Winslet. MT @romenesko: Bloggers vs. journalists debate is like “Titanic.” Both tedious and go on 4ever.

Thomas Palmer, Galion Live, June 28, 2011
@ThosPalmer: My only problem with Tumblr – the RSS auto post feature is buggy and works only on selected occasions. Otherwise, love it.

Greg Sterling, Internet Analyst, June 28, 2011
@gsterling: Even if Google + doesn’t move the Earth there are a number of features that may see adoption: Hangout, Instant Upload, Huddle #Google+

Sam Altman, Loopt, June 28, 2011
@sama: Google+ has some good things going for it and a nice design, but it’s a surprising pain to choose who to share each post with

Josh Williams, Gowalla, June 28, 2011
@jw: @msuster is a rare find in the world of startups and investors. If you’re starting (or thinking of starting) a company, he’s a must-follow.