Street Fight Daily: 04.29.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

For AOL to have real success with Patch, the company will need to employ the model of companies that probably want Patch to fail. (Forbes)

“The problem with local is that everything is local,” writes CityVoter’s Josh Walker. “An agency should be able to talk intelligently about the combination of these approaches and be comfortable working with multiple vendors to reach the audience in the geography a client needs to activate.” (Business Insider)

In the midst of a busy month of expansion, LivingSocial has announced its expansion into nine new U.S. markets. (Daily Deal Media)

Location discovery app It Happened Here shows users interesting facts about locations close to them. It’s kind of like having a location-aware guidebook in your pocket. (ReadWriteWeb)

Patch absorbs a lot of criticism, but Lauren Rabaino notes that there are a few things the AOL hyperlocal net is doing right: “Whether you disagree with Patch or not, there’s a a thing or two you can learn from them about transparency and openness.” (10,000 Words)

Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless, says it’s very important for tech companies to come clean on location data. “Once people see this as a device that can be used to track, it can kill off the whole thing. If you people don’t trust it, everything goes away.” (GigaOm)

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