New Location-Based Developer Platform From Fwix

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Local information company Fwix has announced the release of a new API, which is essentially an open-source database that hyperlocal developers can use to search its archive and fetch geotagged information. The new service is billed as part of the company’s strategy to “organize the world’s information by location.”

Fwix, which provides developers and publishers with a “central hub of robust location-based data” tags to data from across the Web (including news, blogs, social/mobile activity, events, media, and business listings) with coordinates on a map. The new API allows publishers and users to parse that data and aggregate feeds of information based on location. The company, which serves information about 87,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. alone, also runs a local advertising network for local publishers.

“Location is a huge part of contextual relevance. By indexing data on the web by latitude and longitude, and through our new API, we can provide everyone with real-time, geo-data and information of what is happening at a given location,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO and founder of Fwix, in a release. “This is one of the biggest opportunities on the web today, and contextual relevance is the future of information discovery. For us, this effort centers around location.”