Shop Savvier with Groupon Integration

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ShopSavvy just got savvier… or at least dealier.

Continuing the trend of deal-0-day sites integrating with other destinations and apps, ShopSavvy is partnering with couponing giant Groupon to deliver offfers direct to ShopSavvy smartyphone users.

Local Groupon offers will be streamed via ShopSavvy’s Deals tab — look for offers, promotions, coupons, lions, tigers and bears.

What’s ShopSavvy? It’s a bar-code scanning iPhone and Android app providing targeted offers and ads to mobile shoppers based both on their location and interests.  They employ something called PriceNark IV, coupled with the AdOns delivery system to enable “hyper relevant offers that produce higher conversions and efficacy for offers and promotions.”

“ShopSavvy plans to enhance Groupon’s value for our users by sending them only the deals we know they will be interested in, based on their shopping history, location and preferences,” said Alexander Muse, co-founder of ShopSavvy.

Initially, Groupon offers on the ShopSavvy Deals stream will be targeted by geography, with more specific targeting for individual users in the coming months.

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