WHERE Helps You Bump Into a Perfect Place

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Ever debated about where to go and what to do? Sure you have. Where once you had to leave it to your brain and powers of persuasion you can now, finally, leave it to a machine. (And maybe a “bump”.)

That machine, evolved today by WHERE, Inc., is known as Perfect Places (seems every startup’s got  “Place” in their name somewhere these days) which aims to help you and friends peacefully find cool things to do together by recommending nearby venues based on shared interests or tastes. This is a further improvement of WHERE’s proprietary recommendation engine, in use by four million people.

“WHERE is shaping the future of local discovery,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of WHERE, Inc. “We’re innovating at breakneck speed and will continue to leverage our proprietary technology to solve real world problems faced by millions of people every day.”

But what  if you’ve got no friends – or traveling in an unfamiliar place? No problem – users can now receive recommendations for Perfect Places simply by ‘bumping’ their phones together. WHERE partnered with Silicon Valley-based mobile startup, Bump, to make that happen. As WHERE points out, it’s a fun way to break the ice and an incredible time-saver. Oh, to maximize the dork effect, say “cheers” when your click phones.

“There’s been tremendous excitement around location-based social networking and with Perfect Places, WHERE is delivering a truly social experience to users.  We’re taking local recommendations to the next level and are well on our way to owning the pre check-in space.”

Walt Doyle, CEO

We’ve all been part of the endless back and forth with friends trying to pick someplace to go,” said Nataly Kogan, VP of Consumer Experience. “With Perfect Places, we’re helping our users get to a place they’ll love faster and eliminating headaches along the way. WHERE is encouraging people to get out into the world, go places, and bring friends.”

Perfect Places is currently available for the latest version of WHERE on iPhone and Android, and where.com. Releases on other major platforms are expected within the month.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.