Profile Valet Shields Embarrassment, Improves Your Battery Life

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And it’s free!

Let’s start there, because as with most good software this is merely icing on the cupcake — if it’s that good you don’t care about shelling out a micropayment in an app store.

And some of you might already have done so, buying a similar Android app that takes a circuitous route to optimizing your device experience. Might want to rethink that purchase: Enter freebie Profile Valet from the guys at Pushpin Labs and say goodbye to the randomness associated with the feature functions happening under the covers of your favorite handset. What’s that mean exactly? It means your phone’s IQ just leaped 50 points.

Following simple input and depending on where you are geographically – or based on an event –  PV knows not to sound the ringer when at the office, or when having – ahem – intimate relations; it will turn off Wifi when not home; handle Bluetooth on/off status; and all kinds of things that both save battery life and possibly save face – yours (see: phone ringing at the wrong time).

And about that non-circuitousness: Pushpin has made a deliberate effort to simplify the interface to offer more power with less effort than similarly focused products. In your hand your average _droid becomes empowered with a deceptively simple set of controls that offer a quick and easy way to make your device more like a bot — a valet, if you will.

Other elements of the phone that are leashed by Profile Valet include display brightness, timeout, volume controls, and vibration.

You can give it a go by pointing your device here.

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