5 Questions for Artem and Dmitry of Goodzer

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This is the sixth in a series of brief Q&As with leaders and up-and-comers in the local space

Artem Zarutskiy, CTO

Describe Goodzer as if a friend’s mother asked, “So what is this Goodzer”?
Goodzer helps you every time you want to buy anything you need in the local stores. A few clicks on your trusty PC or iPhone will show you where you can find whatever you want, compare prices for you, show you the path to the store and even how it looks.

If you were not involved with Goodzer which service would you use to satisfy your needs?
Google most probably. But it would take me much much more time to find exactly what I want locally. Plus the choice will be very limited. It really takes Goodzer to find goodz.

Dmitry Pakhomkin, CEO

Why should people use your product over, say, watching hockey?
“He shoots, he scores! Man I need to get that signed Ovechkin’s jersey! Where can I get it? Goodzer, do the trick! Ah there it is. Oh, I know this store –  just two blocks from where I live! And another one. Hm, even cheaper! Awesome!”

That’s the whole beauty of it. You do not have to waste time. Save it for the family. Use Goodzer.

Tease us with a hint of what’s in your pipeline related to local, will ya?

We want each and every barcode scanning iPhone and Android application in U.S. to employ Goodzer’s engine to find products in the local stores. We’re working on this.

What is the future of local + mobile, in 15 words or less?
In U.S.? Mobile payments. We’re way behind the rest of the world here.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.

Dmitry, co-founder and CEO of Goodzer, Inc. has 12 years of engineering and leadership experience in both corporate and start-up environments with specialties in Internet services, custom information systems design and development. His co-hort CTO Artem Zarutskiy previously led the Software Development Group at Baikal Information Service.