Skyhook’s Tools = Music + People + Location

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Geosocial music? Listen up:

After integrating Skyhook‘s Local Fave’s toolkit, deploying geosocial features, Intersect World LLC‘s music apps experienced a growth spurt and has seen over 2.5 million downloads. They are not alone in the effort to tie together an emotion-based, inherently social experience of online music with human connections. But Skyhook is doing some interesting things to make it happen.

So what is it? Local Faves is a free toolkit that brings features like “location, map views, check-ins, stats and rankings, infographics and sharing” through Facebook, Twitter & Flickr to iPhone apps. Local Faves offers full customization and fast integration for app developers and a seamless user experience.

Intersect World LLC’s premier app Radio now allows users to find music based on location, listen to music on over 40,000 radio stations anywhere in the world, share stations via their social networks, and discover new music and other users in their area who share their music interests.

“The addition of Local Faves helped Radio sales immensely and it has allowed it to return to the Top 10 in the Music category and break into the Top 200 Overall list in the App Store,” said Marco Papa, principal of Intersect World LLC. “Since we integrated Local Faves our paid app downloads have increased by 55 percent.”

Intersect World LLC has also integrated Local Faves to other apps in its Radio Family of products including: Radio Lite, Sports Radio, Weather Radio, Euro Radio and Scanner Radio.

“The social networking integration provided by Local Faves allows my users to find music nearby and share music recommendations with friends on Twitter and Facebook. This in turn has resulted in increased downloads and usage as the app now has a wider audience,” Nathan Piper, Sharetunes developer.

Other developers are seeing the benefits Local Faves can bring to their apps, including SongStumblr by Frimby Limited. “We have achieved great success with SongStumblr, but we’re looking to further increase its geosocial element by integrating Local Faves by the end of the year,” said Lou Montilla, Founder, Frimby Limited. “The addition will allow the user to have more social interaction with others through posting comments, viewing global maps, and following music tastemakers.”

“Music by its nature is very social, so adding social location features to music apps is an easy way for users to share music they love and discover new music around them,” said Ronda Billings Morra, director of marketing for Skyhook. “The increase in downloads that developers are seeing after integrating Local Faves proves that users want to see more geosocial features in apps across every category, and users are willing to pay for them.”

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