Playboy ‘Scout’ Reveals Geo-Based Nightlife Content

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Has Geo-local jumped the shark? Mmm, not yet but close.

Xtify’s Playboy Scout is a “mobile application enhanced with location-triggered content delivery” using the company’s geo-location push notification technology. Available on Android phones and soon on other smartphone platforms, the Scout application presents “exclusive” nightlife oriented offers and information about events, clubs, and bars which have been reviewed and recommended by Playboy’s editors, and delivers push notifications to users when they are in proximity of venues of interest.

“Scout puts Playboy’s nightlife expertise in the hands of our customers at the time and place they’re most likely to use it–when they’re out with friends and looking for new experiences,” said Paul Lee, managing director of new digital ventures, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. “The Playboy brand and the Xtify platform allow us to offer a compelling value proposition in the location-based space, and we’re excited to leverage Xtify’s innovative messaging technology to deliver new services to customers. Scout is a first step in Playboy’s strategy of utilizing new digital platforms to extend our brand in the nightlife arena and to build new revenue streams for the company.”

To access Playboy Scout, customers simply download the Scout application directly from the Android Market to their smartphones to begin receiving mobile alerts featuring content such as VIP access to Playboy events and venue reviews from Playboy’s editors. Xtify’s geo-location platform allows Playboy’s Scout application to alert customers of nightlife events and local points of interest, without the customer needing to open the application.

“Playboy is an authority in the nightlife space with entertainment content that is even more relevant when unleashed from the confines of a computer or magazine,” said Josh Rochlin, CEO of Xtify. “With the Scout application, we are seeing the future of how geo-enabled offerings will allow brands to have a more meaningful relationship with their mobile customers. Xtify’s push notification technology and management tools make it easy for

Playboy to deliver the most relevant, timely and highly engaging offers and content to its readers, ensuring a satisfying consumer experience with each notification.”

The app is live in New York City and Los Angeles with additional cities rolling throughout 2011. City content will also be updated every few weeks as new locations are reviewed by Playboy’s editors. Additionally, users will be alerted to special offers and perks in select cities across the country, according to Playboy.

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