Hob-Knob and WiFi Equal Instant Geo-Community

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Just briefly: We seen this attempted before with different levels of success. But no reason to think Florida-based Hob-Knob has not overcome past challenges

and is prepared to pull a neat rabbit from their hat.

Essentially Hob-Knob’s app (iPhone, Android by Q4) empowers ephemeral communities to pop up based on a wifi geo-fence. That is, all users of the same hot spot (think coffee shops) with the HK software can see each other’s profiles, connect, chat, the works. Oh, and of course there’s a commerce element – smart – allowing retailers to push deals.

Still, as mentioned, all parties need to have downloaded the app – a minor barrier to entry.

“We are on the cusp of a revolution in geolocation applications and our Wi-Fi direct connection is the dynamite that will make this technology explode in use and versatility,” said Gary H. Elzweig, one of the corporate officers of HK. “We have assembled a team of technology and marketing professionals that will allow

us to bring our direct Wi-Fi connection technology from its early conception to market faster and better than we could have imagined.”

Well, I think the concussive boom is already ricocheting through the land, but no need to quibble.

We’ll watch this one as it evolves and keep you updated.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.