Personalization is Transforming as Privacy Forces a Consumer Data Drought

Facebook’s strategy change points to a much broader shift in digital marketing. The disappearance of third-party cookies and mobile IDs — and the granular customer data they supply — is forcing businesses to rethink how to ‘personalize’ marketing strategies. Facebook’s strategy suggests the future of personalization in marketing could hinge more on customer experience and less on ads.

Sales Tech Fuels Frictionless Customer Experiences

Sales tech took a leap forward during the pandemic. Sales teams needed new ways to communicate, both with their coworkers and with customers, who were accessing digital channels at unprecedented volume. Sales tech emerged to meet the market need, helping sales reps manage customer relationships, provide more personalized customer experiences, and coordinate with their colleagues.

Amanda Jordan: What Local SEO Demands Now

Amanda Jordan is a local SEO expert and the director of local search at Locomotive, an enterprise technical SEO agency. Street Fight connected with Jordan to assess how this second year of Covid is affecting SEO, what SEOs should be doing to master local search, and what’s on the cutting edge of the discipline.


Contextual Advertising Is Not Replacing Behavioral Ads. It’s Enhancing Them

Advanced Contextual does not see contextual ads as at odds with behavioral. Rather, the company wants to add a layer of contextual intelligence to the open exchange, guiding all advertising going forward.

September Theme: Broadening Local

Street Fight covers the whole of digital marketing, but our roots lie in local search and media, and we’re returning there this month with a focus on what we’re calling Broadening Local.

DoubleVerify Acquires Meetrics to Fuel Global Expansion

The move comes amid a flurry of adtech mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs. Even as new privacy laws and rules threaten the targeting and measurement that drives the industry, investor interest in adtech is at an all-time high. Of course, consolidation will also help the remaining players weather the coming data drought.

Expert Roundup: The Cutting Edge of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising does not simply mean showing Macy’s ads to someone reading about fall apparel. In this roundup, leaders in contextual marketing provide insight on the cutting edge of the discipline.

Survey: Interactive Video is the Future

Of course, we might approach a survey by an interactive video platform about the love for interactive video with some caution. But there are other signs that interactive video is the future of online customer engagement, increasingly taking over both online ads and shopping experiences.

Leadferno Launches to Power the Front End of Five-Star Customer Experiences

When Aaron Weiche, CEO and co-founder of Leadferno, started his previous company GatherUp, the goal was to help businesses organize data on customer experiences and boost their reputations. Now, Weiche is onto his next venture, which aims to set up the communications infrastructure that will help businesses kick off those five-star customer experiences.

Local Newsletters Are Good for Covid Information — And Marketing

Publishers are taking advantage of localized media to disseminate Covid information. Those same geo-targeted messages can provide effective audiences for marketers, says Kerel Cooper, CMO at email marketing platform LiveIntent. He elaborated on that view in a Q&A with Street Fight.

Why Social Data is More Valuable than Ever

Sav Khetan, Head of Product Strategy at Tealium, checked in with Street Fight to discuss why the data on social platforms is more valuable than ever, how advertisers can navigate privacy changes, and how customer data platforms can help.

MOLOCO Secures $150m in Series C Funding

The mobile app marketing company MOLOCO announced that it had raised $150 million in Series C funding. Tiger Global Management led the round.

Why Content Is Replacing Clicks as the Cornerstone of Digital Marketing

While the click-oriented advertising model is not going away and has its place, it is becoming more complicated with the influx of privacy changes that make targeting and measurement harder. As a result, VRTCAL Founder and President Todd Wooten makes the argument that content is king again.

Back to School 2021: Supply Chain Shortages and High Demand

Preparing for back-to-school shopping this year, retailers faced a tremendous challenge: anticipating consumer needs at a time when Covid case numbers are shifting month to month and the conditions of in-person learning remain unclear. Add supply chain squeezes and rising consumer expectations, and BTS, which is supposed to be among many retailers’ best seasonal events, risks proving disastrous.

Apple’s Long View of Data Privacy: Revisiting Jobs in 2010

But what is the source of Apple’s self-interest, which drives its approach to privacy? I want to suggest that it’s not just a short-sighted opportunity to one-up Facebook and rival smartphone maker Google. Unlike the vast majority of tech companies recently touting new approaches to privacy, Apple isn’t new to this party.

The Undeniable Drive of Diana Lee and Constellation Agency

Constellation Agency CEO and co-founder Diana Lee immigrated to the US at five and endured a rough-and-tumble childhood, watching her parents get robbed repeatedly. But to the extent that anyone can, Lee has beaten insecurity, economic and affective. She is at the helm of an advertising technology company that, while remaining self-funded, has outgrown its offices numerous times, catapulted to more than 100 employees, and is on track to report $45 million in revenue this year.

Field Day Leverages an Uber-Style, Human-to-Human Marketplace for Local Marketing

An Uber for local marketing, Field Day connects brands, including current clients Panera Bread, Blaze Pizza, Equinox, and about 50 others, with “brand ambassadors”: locals who speak to the brands’ targets in their home neighborhoods in order to increase awareness and drive adoption.

Verizon Media Offers Opt-Out of Targeted Ads Across Its Network

Verizon Media is partnering with the nonprofit Network Advertising Initiative, integrating its advertising ID with the NAI’s “Audience Matched Advertising Opt-Out” platform to allow users across the Verizon Media ecosystem to opt out of targeted ads.

Household Targeting Emerges as Alternative to Individualized Behavioral Ads

Jon Schulz, Chief Marketing Officer at Viant Technology, checked in with Street Fight to lay out the benefits and drawbacks of targeting methods offering advertisers alternatives to one-to-one behavioral ads.

Fisherman Pioneers the No-Effort Web for Small Businesses

Fisherman is pioneering what CEO and co-founder Ameet Kallarackal calls the “no-effort Web.” Beginning with a focus on restaurants, which still make up about 90% of its customer base, Fisherman is aiming to be the simplest, most automatic option available for small business owners and operators to create websites. The company claims to get the job done in just two minutes and typically has a website ready for a potential customer, often based purely on the business’ name and address, before approaching them.