Report: Consumers Seek Transparency From Brands on Social Media

In surveying 1,000 U.S. consumers, the social media management platform Sprout Social found that 86% believe transparency from businesses is more important now than ever before, and more than half say they want brands to be more transparent on social media.

How Hospitality Brands Capitalize on Summertime Social Trends

Social is becoming an increasingly popular channel for research and an important resource for word-of-mouth recommendations, with 67% of consumers saying that at least half of their searches result in a visit to a business, according to a 2017 survey by ReviewTrackers.

Research Highlights Shifting Social Media Dynamics for Brands

Rachael Samuels, social media manager at Sprout Social, hopes that brand marketers who look at the research come away with a greater understanding that social cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality, and what works for one industry, or even one brand, may not work for another.

7 Fresh Ways SMBs Are Using Social Media for Marketing

In order for business owners to maximize the impact of their expanded social media budgets, they need to think outside the box and try new tactics for reaching consumers online. Here are seven examples of fresh new ways that small and mid-size businesses can use social media for marketing in 2017.

6 Social Media Tactics that Reduce Marketing Costs for SMBs

In addition to generating leads, building brand awareness, and adding credibility to a business, a well-implemented social strategy should also lower a merchant’s overall marketing expenses. Social media is oftentimes less expensive than other types of marketing, and can easily be used to leverage a merchant’s complimentary marketing programs.

Sponsored Content: 6 Strategies for Success in Social Media

Business owners should be developing comprehensive social marketing strategies. Those merchants who haven’t taken the first step by creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their businesses are losing out on customer loyalty, as well as new opportunities for growth.

6 Social Media Tools for Hyperlocal Publishers

For a hyperlocal news publication to be successful, its editors have to do more than break news and tell fascinating stories. Using social media to promote great content and interact with local community readers is key. Here are six social media marketing tools that hyperlocal publishers can use to improve reader engagement…

5 Platforms for Tracking and Analyzing Customer Habits

By analyzing check-in data, measuring customer engagement, and tracking overall sentiment on social networking and review sites, these firms help companies get a data-driven view into consumer habits — and ultimately identify their most valuable customers. Here are five platforms that merchants can use to track and analyze this latest wave of consumer information…

Case Study: Kansas Bar Leverages Twitter to Promote Foursquare Specials

In an effort to market her business to deal-seeking customers without breaking Kansas’ strict liquor laws—which place limitations on the types of drink specials that bars can offer—Debbi Johanning has had to get creative. At The Sandbar in Lawrence, KS, which she and her husband David co-own, Johanning has offered free jukebox credits to people […]