5 Tools Hyperlocal Publishers Can Use to Improve Online Ad Sales

Salespeople from hyperlocal publications are increasingly turning to turnkey ad platforms in an effort to simplify the process of selling and creating display ads for small business owners. Here are five platforms that publishers are using to streamline the sales process when working with small business advertisers.

What Bad News Means for the Future of Daily Deals

The fact that sending a mass email to lots of random people advertising a random business may damage said business’ reputation is not entirely surprising. But this news really speaks to group buying 1.0, not where the industry is going. And that future will be far more interesting with differentiated, personalized, time-specific and behavior inducing offers…

Case Study: Ads on Hyperlocal Blogs Reach Local Customers

As the owner of Urban Ashes, a home furnishings company in Michigan that uses salvaged wood from local yards, parks and urban areas, Paul Hickman believes strongly in supporting local businesses and causes. This carries over to the way he markets his business: Hickman regularly advertises on hyperlocal news sites like The Ann Arbor Chronicle to connect with residents who are well-educated and want to support local enterprises like his.

Case Study: Online Marketing In a Small Town

When Todd Kuhns opened Pickler’s Famous earlier this year, he hoped to save money on advertising by creating buzz online. Unfortunately, the Kirksville, Mo., ice cream parlor owner has found that many residents of his small town are reluctant to use tools like Foursquare and Twitter. So, he’s developed a blended approach to advertising that […]