5 Big Takeaways from Black Friday 2018

As Cyber Monday gets underway, another Black Friday looms behind us. Below are the highlights of brick-and-mortar retail’s big day as we prepare for the windfall expected from its digital counterpart.

Get Ready: Holiday Returns Season Set to Begin

During the holiday season, we focus so much attention on when people buy, how much they spend, and whether it got there on time that we tend to overlook what happens once gifts are purchased. An equal test for retailers — both online and brick-and-click — will be making returns as easy as the purchase itself.

Street Fight Poll: Consumers May Pay Extra for Same-Day Delivery

In a recent Street Fight poll, 64% of consumers said they might be willing to pay a few dollars extra to receive retail goods faster, though for many it depends on the order. In a poll of 500 anonymous U.S. consumers, 14.8% said they’re very likely to pay extra for same-day retail delivery, and 14.8% said they’re somewhat likely…