Google and the On-SERP Experience: We’re Just Gettin’ Warmed Up

The introduction of a new Knowledge Graph layer in the form of “Topics” indicates to me that Google’s latest efforts in this arena will extend in two directions beyond Local entities. I see these linkages extending all the way up the search journey to initial consideration and even further down the funnel beyond Local entities.

Unpacking the Increasingly Complex Local SERP

“While I think [these local ad changes] might be better for many small businesses AND consumers, it gives Google a great deal of power to approve or disapprove participants,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm in their biweekly column.

Why Local Businesses Should Embrace Google’s New Rich Answers

If you’re concerned about attracting customers through SEO content, you likely have mixed feelings about the recent enhancements made by Google to improve user experience. But here are three ways that Rich Answers can actually improve the quality of your web traffic.

Google Finally Reveals How to Improve Your Local Ranking

Google has significantly updated its help page on the topic of local ranking to include, for the first time, specific common-sense guidelines showing businesses how they can increase the likelihood that online searchers will find them in Google Maps on desktop and mobile.

Yodle Weighs in on How Google’s SERP Change Has Affected Online Ads for SMBs

With a few weeks of empirical data, we now have a much clearer sense of how or if this change has affected local AdWords campaigns. At Yodle, we have seen a negligible effect on the performance metrics of the search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns we run on behalf of our local small business clients.

Making Sense of Google’s Changes that Just Blew Up Online Ads for Local Businesses

There’s really no way to overstate what a massive change Google’s ad reconfiguring is for everyone in the SEM industry. But it’s going to have a more profound — and even devastating — effect on locally-oriented businesses who had relied on Adwords as a key marketing tool.

How Google’s Product Listing Ads Are Hurting Home Remodelers

In the name of a strong user experience and a better advertiser experience, Google’s product listings algorithm could be adjusted to better reflect the intent of homeowner search queries…