This MULO Diner Chain is Roaring Street Fight

BOOM: This MULO Diner Chain is Roaring

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The diner as a concept seems to be timeless.  Back in 1913, the first stationary diner was established and ultimately grew to 6,000 privately owned locations nationally. That’s a giant MULO (multi-location) venture! Fast forward to today. Although foodies have a wide range of options for where to eat — from single-unit locations to specific […]

Nando's Peri-Peri


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Although burgers and pizza remain mainstays of the multi-location (MULO) ecosystem and the fast food chicken market is estimated at more than $59B, new cuisines and variations are coming to the fast casual world. Nando’s PERi-PERi chicken is now a popular alternative. The first Nando’s PERi-PERi opened its doors in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa, […]

BOOM: Brunch and the MULO Brands

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Whether you crave a mimosa, an elaborate Bloody Mary, or simply a stack of good old-fashioned pancakes with syrup, one thing is certain — brunch is back and fueling MULO brands! A recent study by Square revealed that Saturday brunch is now the busiest day part for restaurants, including those with multiple locations (MULO brands). […]

Restaurants Are Using Technology to Bring Back Customers Post-Pandemic

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How do local restaurants implement coronavirus-driven changes, and what role will technology play in helping those businesses reemerge from lockdown status?

Statewide regulations, like sanitizing protocols and spacing between tables, are in many ways easier for restaurants to implement because they are clear-cut. Certain diner expectations are harder for restaurants to gauge, and that has presented a new opportunity for technology providers catering to the restaurant market.

Restaurant POS System Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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2019 is all about connectivity when it comes to POS systems. The role of the POS system, used primarily for billing, has evolved into an operations hub that connects all your online order sources, guest-facing technology, and your kitchen (via Kitchen Display Systems). It’s the foundation of a technical system that helps you manage your restaurant operations better on the whole. Here are the cutting-edge trends.

Restaurant Management Platform Toast Raises a Whopping $115 Million

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Restaurant management platform Toast is announcing a $115 million Series D this morning. Courtesy of T. Rowe Price Associates, the round values Toast at $1.4 billion.

Upserve Uses Restaurant Transaction Data to Track Industry Trends

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Upserve recently released its State of the Restaurant Industry Report, using data pulled from thousands of restaurants and millions of transactions through the United States. Performing a retroactive analysis, Upserve’s data science team looked at 2017 trends to see which predicted trends lived up to the hype, and which fell flat.

What Designing an ‘OS for Restaurants’ Really Requires

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When you look at the restaurant tech stack, there are clearly solutions, software, applications that should play nicely with each other, but the larger players have purposefully walled off their gardens. The next multi-billion-dollar company in this space will identify the mission-critical pieces of technology in the stack, and own them.