CPG Brands Rethink Advertising Strategy Amid Rising Food Costs, Inflation

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While a decrease in food stamp benefits will clearly have the most profound impact on those families receiving benefits, it also marks a shift for supermarkets, retailers, and CPG brands, many of which are now looking to revamp their advertising strategies to account for a greater pool of shoppers searching for discounted items.

How Brands Are Using Interactivity to Shorten the Purchase Cycle

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With brands expected to pull back on media spending during the first half of the year, media buyers are looking at stretching their ad budgets to activate in more meaningful ways. 

QR codes

Don’t Call It a Comeback: QR Codes Poised for a Resurgence in 2023

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It may be too soon to pinpoint the biggest takeaways from the 2022 holiday marketing blitz, but one in-store technology stands out from the rest: QR codes.

scalable networks

Quotient Offers Advertisers Scale with Retail Ad Network

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More players are entering the retail media space each month, making it increasingly difficult for brands to measure retail media campaigns across multiple networks in a holistic way. But executives at the digital promotions firm Quotient believe they’ve found a solution. Just this morning, Quotient launched its own retail ad network. 

7 Audio Out-of-Home (AOOH) Solutions to Watch in 2022

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Audio out-of-home (AOOH) advertising has become an ad industry darling, offering brands a creative way to connect with consumers in real-time as they move toward the point of purchase. By inserting ads into audio content, like podcasts, streaming music, or the overhead speakers in a retail store, brands are reaching on-the-go consumers and driving conversions.