QSR Achieves 20% Sales Increase with Location-Based Targeting

Case Study: QSR Achieves 20% Sales Increase with Location-Based Targeting

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Tracking foot traffic with location-based ads in QSR restaurants is often the first step towards increasing sales and revenue, and maximizing operational efficiencies.  According to a new case study from the adtech firm Simpli.fi and Commerce Signals, a company that connects advertisers and publishers with insights from financial institutions, a well-known quick-service restaurant chain with […]

3 Ways AI Will Disrupt QSRs

3 Ways AI Will Disrupt QSRs: Perspectives from Susan Sly

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Susan Sly, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Radius AI (RAI), grew up in the restaurant business in Canada. That’s one of many reasons she has taken a humanistic approach to artificial intelligence, robotics, and technology, believing that if AI is properly executed it can empower retail, QSR, C-store, and other multi-location employees to become confident and […]

Street Fight’s August Theme: The Next Normal

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As we roll into August, it’s time to establish Street Fight’s monthly editorial focus. After our standard ritual (no animals harmed), we’ve settled on “The Next Normal.” Forced to adopt new technologies just to survive, some local businesses have experienced a decade of evolution in just a few months.

So the question is, how will newly elevated local businesses transform the local commerce landscape? If a large share of the local business universe has raised its game, what will be the new “bar” in local media, advertising, and commerce? How should tech providers adjust to new demand signals?

Foursquare’s Location-Based Loyalty Metrics Point to Best Practices for Casual Restaurants

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Brushing aside customer surveys and other imprecise measures of customer loyalty, location intelligence firm Foursquare released a location-based report this morning that evaluates best practices and practitioners in loyalty among casual restaurant chains. 

Most importantly for future considerations, the report suggests that brands can improve loyalty in all four of the areas that contributed to its index.

How Mobile and OOH Can Defy a Dip in Traffic to Coffee Shops During the Otherwise Hot Winter Season

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With AAA reporting that 91% of the 112.5 million people in the US who travel during the holiday season take a road trip during that time span, it’s intuitive to dovetail mobile creative with digital out-of-home creative, targeting all these travelers who are undoubtedly moving about the country … and outside their usual stop-for-coffee routines. Below are some strategies to bear in mind when trying to reel in the customer at year’s end.

Want to Know How Long the Wait For that Hot New Restaurant Is? There’s a Google Integration for That

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Building on the Reserve with Google offerings that have made the tech giant’s SERPs the new homepage of local businesses, Google seems to be adding a feature that allows people searching for local restaurants to sign up for a waitlist. Busy folks with a penchant for busy eateries rejoice. 

Moe’s Seeks Personalization and Efficiency by Implementing Drive-Thru Kiosks

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Street Fight recently checked in with Darryl Nagao, franchise partner running thirty-three Moe’s locations, to find out how this restaurant chain is leveraging digital technologies to deliver the culinary variety of a fast-casual along with the efficiency of a QSR.

QSRs Are Thriving With Location-Based Data, But There’s a Caveat

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QSRs have successfully forged ahead with location-based ad strategies. Not only have we seen an influx of case studies asserting as much, but also a recent report from xAD inferring that foot traffic has spiked for QSRs thanks to location-based marketing, and, perhaps more importantly, the data mined from those efforts.