Missing from ‘Spotlight’ Movie: How News Sites Pay for Top-Quality Investigative Journalism

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight investigative team uncovered the pedophile priest scandal in the Catholic Church, but for all the acclaim the reporting won, it didn’t save the paper from a catastrophic financial decline that nearly put the Globe out of business. To understand how such journalistic success could be followed by such financial failure, Street Fight spoke with Dan Kennedy, associate professor in the School of Journalism at Northeastern University, who has written extensively about the subject.

Survey ‘Paywalls’ May Not Be as Good as They Sound for Local Media

While surveys may be a good source of revenue, it’s not a long-term solution for local news sites:There is an inherent supply-and-demand issue — not very different from the one that arises with online display ads. As more and more publishers adopt Google Consumer Surveys, Google can begin dropping its publisher payout because it has enough supply…

Street Fight Daily: Urbanspoon Launches ‘Guides,’ Groupon Defends

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Urbanspoon Launches Dining Recommendations from Both Users and Celebrity Chefs (Pando Daily)… Groupon Fires Back at Shuttered Waffle Business (ABC News)… Post Paywall, Greenville’s Media Scene Shifts (NetNewsCheck)…

Can Local Publishers Successfully Charge for Online?

The key for small-to-medium-sized legacy publishers online is keeping it local. The New York Times has unmatched quality, The Wall Street Journal has unmatched business insight and analysis, and the Concord Monitors and The Tulsa Worlds of the industry must have unmatched local content. If so, newspaper paywalls, at least in the short term, might be more than just a “Band-Aid on a bullet wound.”