5 Localized Ad Platforms for SMBs

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Localized ad platforms could also see an increase in use in the coming months among SMBs that want to cut down on unnecessary costs. Many of the localized ad platforms aimed at the SMB market take a self-serve approach, allowing business owners to adjust their budgets and adapt their strategies as conditions evolve.

Here are five localized ad platforms that are focused on helping merchants get back on their feet.

Mattress in Bedroom

Case Study: Mattress Brand Targets Ads to Warm-Weather Locations

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When temperatures rise, people get uncomfortable in their beds. This universal problem is something that the advertising team at the direct-to-consumer mattress brand Purple decided it could capitalize on to drive sales with a location-targeted ad campaign launched last year.

Weather Company Continues Data Expansion With First-Party Location-Targeting Platform

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Continuing in its evolution from media property to data provider, the company unveiled a newly updated ad platform this morning that provides marketers with the ability to produce highly-accurate location-targeted campaigns.

Is the U.K. Moving Ahead of the U.S. in Location Targeting?

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If the American Revolution were fought based on technological powerhouses alone, we’d win in a heartbeat. Yet some advertisers in the U.K. are pulling off the sorts of campaigns that we only dream of here. It’s easy to chalk that up to the comparatively small size of the market, but that’s selling ourselves short. There’s no good reason that we can’t roll out the same location-based ad tech that has proven so successful in the U.K…

5 Strategies For Launching a Location-Targeted Mobile Campaign

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Mobile ads show a 42% lift in performance when they’re targeted based on the location of a business, but there’s still debate as to how tightly marketers should target their ads to optimize the performance of their campaigns. Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding how targeted to make your mobile campaign…

Are We Giving Google Too Much Information?

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While certain groups complain about certain content on the Web, the real danger is always found in that which is not seen, hidden in plain sight within the language that builds that which we can see. Google is the absolute master of doing business where it’s not seen, and I’ve reached the point where I think it’s time we all said “enough.”