Case Study: Virginia Retail Chain Shifts Print Ad Budget to Social Channels

Kim Glover, A. Dodson’s director of marketing, says that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest make up the core of the retailer’s online marketing program — however the company is “always ready to evolve” with its customers as new platforms gain in popularity and usage.

Case Study: Hardware Store Shifts Marketing Mix, Joins the ‘Buy Local’ Movement

Taylor’s Do it Center is never going to be able to compete with corporate heavyweights like Home Depot and Lowe’s. But the company is hoping to turn its locally owned status into an asset, rather than a liability, by partnering with other small businesses and educating consumers on the benefits of buying local.

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Case Study: A Maryland Bakery’s Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook

Never underestimate the power of social media. That’s a lesson that Capital City Cheesecake co-owner Meaghan Murphy learned the hard way while trying to get her Maryland-based bakery/café up and running in 2010. She thought word of mouth alone would be enough to build a sustainable business.

6 Local Directories Every VSB Should Be On

Consumers are increasingly going online to research local services and products, but for very small businesses (VSBs), this trend is becoming a problem. Fifty-nine percent of VSBs still don’t have websites, with owners often citing perceived cost and lack of technical expertise as reasons why they haven’t made their way online. For business owners who […]

5 Hyperlocal Q&A Services That Connect Merchants to Customers

Most merchants think they’re reaching a targeted demographic when they advertise on neighborhood blogs or run geofencing campaigns, but a new type of hyperlocal marketing platform is taking consumer targeting one step further and giving merchants an organic way to connect with consumers who are primed and ready to convert.

Case Study: Fashion Retailer Boosts Engagement With Data-Driven Initiatives

Customer acquisition has never been a problem for the team at fashion consignment retailer 2nd Time Around. But generating the type of data that’s necessary to get a complete picture of customers had been a challenge, according to CEO Kristin Kohler Burrows.

Case Study: How a New York Car Dealership Generates Online Leads

At his family-owned used car dealership, Anthony Curran works as a salesman and also handles marketing. He says a recent campaign with Facebook had a lot of success: “In the first week we had over 80,000 people reached. Since then, everyone has been mentioning seeing us on Facebook.”

Case Study: Using Digital Coupons to Generate Calls

In today’s competitive landscape, digital marketing firms are honing their sales pitches and investing in innovative new technologies to stand out from the pack. But when Don Fuller’s Appliance Repair co-owner Lisa Fuller evaluates a vendor, she looks at something that’s harder to quantify — sincerity.

Case Study: Law Firm Uses Social Channels to Amplify Messaging to Prospects

“Marketing for law firms generally is something that not even 20 years ago was considered somewhat taboo,” Mike Mellor says. “The folks in law firms have had some catching up to do in regards to driving cultural change and getting attorneys comfortable with the concept of marketing and new business development.”

7 Ways Local Merchants Can Foster Customer Loyalty

Random rewards and eco-friendly initiatives are among the suggestions experts in local marketing offer SMBs who are looking to foster customer loyalty and bridge the gap between the virtual and the actual.

Case Study: NYC Restaurant Uses Automation Tools to Update Search Listings

This case study looks at how New York City’s Paola’s Restaurant worked OpenTable, Yext, email and Yelp to boost walk-ins and traffic. Which tools were most effective and which weren’t worth the expense?

Case Study: Chicago Photographer Generates Leads with Paid Search Campaigns

As the digital marketing manager for Christine Waller Photography, a small photography business based in Chicago, Illinois, Conor Keenan uses many sources of traffic to generate leads. His monthly search budget runs between $250 and $500, depending on the services he’s focusing on that month.

Case Study: New England Dessert Bar Grows Email List With Monthly Contests

At Treat Cupcake Bar, Sarah Waters’ responsibilities run the gamut from online and offline marketing and social media management, to event organization and employee development. Of all her responsibilities, it’s online marketing that creates some of her biggest challenges.

Case Study: For Lead Generation, Cleaning Firm Prefers Emails to Website Clicks

Despite recent successes with mobile advertising, Herminio Gomes of Sharp Cleaning estimates he currently spends just 4% of his marketing budget on digital channels. The rest is divided between direct mailers, newspaper ads, flyers, and commissions.

7 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Messaging Apps for Marketing

Smartphone messaging apps were used by more than 1.4 billion consumers last year, but very few of the conversations that took place were between shoppers and local merchants. Here are seven examples of ways that local merchants can start using messaging apps to improve customer service and boost customer acquisition right away.

Report: Executive Survey on Hyperlocal Tech and Tactics

What’s on the mind of technology and marketing suppliers targeting the connected local economy? They’re keen on mobile — perhaps too keen — but struggling with their own companies’ brand awareness. The dichotomy between small businesses and national chains that sell locally is profound, and presents difficult challenges in scaling to support either, let alone both, according to Street Fight Insights analysis.

Editor’s Take: The Apps vs. Browser Debate Is a Distraction

The venerable apps vs. mobile web debate continues to rage on but it is largely a distraction for local merchants. Business owners do need to understand the changing media landscape to make the most effective possible use of their limited marketing budgets, but their time and their dollars are better spent on marketing fundamentals rather than investing in the increasingly difficult and crowded race to acquire, retain, and monetize app users.

Case Study: Virginia Plumber Records Calls for Improved Customer Service

Social media, search engines, and local review sites can all generate attention for businesses in the home services industry, but when it comes to actually making sales and closing deals, nothing beats the effectiveness of a good old-fashioned telephone call. “Listening to how my associates communicate with clients is important,” says All Plumbing’s Kabir Shafi.

Case Study: QSR Chain Drives Revenue With Hyperlocal Tools

When it comes to selecting which hyperlocal platforms he’ll adopt at Mixt Greens, co-founder David Silverglide is clear on what he’s looking for: “It needs to be driving incremental revenue. It can’t just be trying to siphon off our existing customer base in a different way, or shifting them to a new platform…”

Case Study: Boxing Gym Uses Mobile Flyers to Attract Crowds

Paul Wade, the owner of Third Street Boxing Gym in San Francisco, is a self-professed technophobe. But noticed an increase in the number of people coming into his gym with smartphones in their hands, and he had a nagging feeling that there could be better ways to promote his live boxing events than the printed posters and flyers he’d been creating with the help of a graphic designer for the past 10 years…