Borrell: Too Many Local Newspapers Remain Stuck in Their Newsroom ‘Church’

Facebook collected $13.6 billion in local ad spending in the U.S. in 2016, according to the report — more than all local media put together — $12 billion. The report says Facebook, Google and other global pureplays will continue to dominate digital ad revenue that comes from merchants and other businesses at the community level.

After Fits and Starts, Collaborative News Is Finally Making Headlines

For years, there’s been a lot of earnest talk about digital news sites collaborating to produce editorial content that had more value for users — and to help the collaborators make their often-precarious operations sustainable. But the talk produced as many fits as starts. That’s changing, and for the better.

Nexstar Is Big in Local TV — And Now It’s Aiming to Grow Its Digital News Sites

The emphasis of the local coverage on the company’s stations is often on crime and crashes — and that practice carries over to most of the digital sites. The net result is that Nexstar’s image can be distorted by commodity-level content that undercuts its strategy.

Late-Blooming Entrepreneur Beats Community News Jinx in Metro D.C.

Bethesda Beat founder Steve Hull talks with Street Fight about why he wasn’t content to coast after the early success of his Bethesda Magazine and decided to see if he could make it in the faster-paced – and riskier – space of digital community news.

Comcast Rolling Out a New Local Ad Service

For local businesses looking for advertising, there’ll be a new kid in town to help this summer. Better still, ad buyers will get the help for free. The service, called Stratasphere, is a new offering from Comcast-owned Strata, which already has three decades in the business of connecting ad sellers with ad buyers.

Macaroni Kid Pushes Stroller Into Big and Site-Packed Local Parent Space

One of the earliest hyperlocal networks for parents is Macaroni Kid, which was founded by “recovering lawyer” Joyce Shulman and her husband, marketing entrepreneur Eric Cohen, in their community on Long Island in 2009. In this Q&A, Cohen talks about the company’s recent acquisition of also-well-established Stroller Traffic.

What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Fake News’

“Fake news” is actually about stories written to win clicks (and potentially do harm). Losing the focus on this accurate definition to spin and political jockeying creates a challenge for the business of marketers, advertisers, and publishers.

LifeStream’s Personalized News Empowers Users, Protects Their Privacy

The soon-to-launch news service from Graf Mouen and Bill Densmore plans to deliver highly personalized news and other information to consumers, while still maintaining the privacy they don’t currently have on the rest of the Web.

With Metro D.C. Cool to Community News, One Publisher Pulls Back to Profitable Niches

Local News Now seemed to be on an expansion trajectory earlier in the decade with two sites in Northern Virginia and two in the District of Columbia. But today the company has just two — and while they’re both profitable, founder Scott Brodbeck isn’t thinking of launching more sites anytime soon.

Can Open Source Thinking Create a Sustainable Business Model for Local Journalism?

Open source software changed the landscape for the entire computing industry. Rather than commoditizing software completely, it actually made software development easier and more productive. I see tremendous parallels in the publishing industry today.

Why the Creative Director of the Future Stands at the Crossroads of Marketing, Tech, Product, and Ads

Think of the evolving creative director as a technological and marketing pentathlete, a dynamic force who’ll need to satisfy more than just the traditional advertising imperative. Envision a product-strategy role; that is the model to come.

How Local News Publishers Can Make Revenue and Engagement a Single and Successful Strategy

Too often, local news publishers are given an either-or — either focus on growing revenue or on making deeper connections with users. Relay Media’s head of product Barb Palser believes publishers can do both at the same time.

Google’s AMP Pages Speed Mobile, But Publisher Control Remains a Big Issue

Mobile page-loading issues are so pervasive that 59% of users click off content that takes more than three seconds to load, costing news publishers numerous opportunities to lengthen pageviews into sessions and monetize their articles and videos. Google’s AMP addresses the problem, but at what cost?

Local News Is Struggling — But Handouts From Digital Giants Aren’t the Answer

Two very smart thinkers about the future of American journalism have called for Facebook and other hugely prosperous digital enterprises to pay reparations for what their success is allegedly costing journalism and democracy. I’ve worked in journalism all my life, but I don’t buy these arguments.

Zuckerberg Raises the Right Questions – Local News Should Answer Them

Mark Zuckerberg posted a remarkable manifesto on Feb. 16 about our fractured communities and how to heal them. But why was Facebook’s founder and CEO saying this first? Why aren’t America’s news publishers, especially local ones, defining the crisis and offering their blueprints for solving it? Zuckerberg’s manifesto was 5,735 words long, but its core was these 138 […]

How 30A’s Multiple Revenue Streams Elevate the Local Site to New Heights

Founder and CEO Mike Ragsdale explains why diversification is such an important element of 30A’s fast growth into what is now a multimillion-dollar operation. He also explains how community news sites that don’t have a tropical beachfront to boast about can create their own unique, revenue-generating brands.

Newspapers Have High Level of Trust, but Will They Capitalize on It?

The key will be not how Facebook shares its revenues or tinkers with its news-feed algorithm. How successful newspapers are in achieving sustainability will depend on the richness of the connections they build with their audiences.

Should Local News Open Its Heart to Emojis?

Six billion emojis are shared every day, but few of them appear on local news sites. Dana Loberg, founder and CEO of MojiLaLa, thinks emojis could help local news sites not only make better connections with their present users but also attract new and younger audiences.

Local Media Consortium Signing 6 Revenue Partners, Adding More TV Stations

The organization is making major strategic changes – and more are on the way — as it seeks to strengthen the revenue power of its members, who represent a big chunk of the embattled digital local news industry.

Post in the Machine: How Blockast is Taking a Shot at Local News Collection

The local news automation camp keeps graduating hopefuls. One of these is a four-year-old startup spawned from the mind of a former Microsoft-Amazon engineer who faced a very common problem: “how do I find out what’s happening outside my home right now?”