Street Fight Daily: SMBs to Ramp Up Digital Marketing, Snap Adds Ad Targeting Based on Third-Party Data

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Mobile Driving Marketing Spend Among SMBs… Snapchat to Enable Offline Purchase Ad Targeting… Marketing-Mix Modeling: A Road of Missed Opportunities for Brands…

7 Retention Marketing Platforms for SMBs

As small and mid-size businesses move away from the once-ubiquitous daily deals platforms, they’re now funneling a great portion of their budgets toward retention marketing solutions. Here are eight examples digital platforms, each taking a unique approach to customer retention.

Street Fight Daily: Shopper Intent and Location, Brands Tap Pokémon Go

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… flok Launches Chatbots to Bolster Customer Engagement for Local Businesses… Can Insights on Shopper Intent Improve Location Data?… This Brand Found a Clever Way to Connect with Pokémon Go Players…

flok Launches Chatbots to Bolster Customer Engagement for Local Businesses

With chatbot technology, communications between local businesses and their customers via flok can now evolve into more complex conversations. These conversations yield better data for the business owner and more detailed information as well as a more engaging customer service experience for the consumer.

6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Identify Dissatisfied Customers

Customer opinions have never mattered more, when just a few dissatisfied customers have the ability to tank a small business’s reputation on social media and review websites like Yelp. Here’s how vendors are giving SMBs a way to make all of their customers feel heard.

Street Fight Daily: Microsoft Building Its Own Bot, UberMedia Expanding Attribution Business

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Walmart Outperforms Estimates, but Online Retail Lags… Looking for a Sustainable Business Model for a Regional Newspaper? Start at the Star Tribune… Microsoft is Building Its Own Bot to Rival Google Assistant and Viv…

How SMBs Can Use Data to Become More Efficient Marketers

Without data to back up their performance claims, many vendors struggle to maintain a positive reputation. Here are six ways that small and mid-size businesses should be using data to improve their marketing efforts.

6 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Rewards to Bring in Holiday Shoppers

Consumers are expected to spend $630.5 billion this holiday shopping season. Local merchants are fighting tooth and nail to take back a larger share of that revenue from their ecommerce competitors. Here’s what industry leaders said about the types of incentives that work best for encouraging shoppers to make holiday purchases at local retail businesses instead of big-box stores or ecommerce sites.

Case Study: NJ Gym Uses Loyalty Program to Increase Sales from Existing Members

When consumers commit to joining a gym and paying a fixed rate each month, they’re indirectly confirming their loyalty to the business. But after years of working with clients at Gold’s Gym of Jersey City, sales manager Mauricio Calmet noticed that a secondary loyalty market exists, one that’s rarely tapped by businesses once they’ve signed customers up for yearlong contracts or memberships.

5 Tools Local Merchants Can Use to Segment In-Store Visitors

Loyal customers are incredibly valuable to local merchants. A new class of hyperlocal platforms is helping small business owners pinpoint and engage with repeat visitors using a combination of in-store beacons, geo-location tools, and customer segmentation technology. Here are five platforms that enable merchants to track visit frequency and send highly targeted promotions to maximize sales among their most valuable customers.