Placed Connects Voting Patterns to In-Store Visits

According to a new study by the location analytics firm Placed, there was zero overlap in the most popular businesses for Trump and Clinton supporters to visit. In order to come up with these results, Placed tracked the offline behavior of roughly two million opted-in consumers.

Understanding the Context of Local Advertising’s Supply and Demand

The current election cycle, if nothing else, has demonstrated the importance of context in the supply and demand of local media. In this type of market, the early bird gets the worm. Consumer brands are learning this lesson the hard way and getting shut out of local opportunities that otherwise might have been available.

A New Political Campaign Methodology Connects Supporters With Localized Social Media

It’s self-evident that campaigns should be promoted at local levels, where word-of-mouth buzz can truly happen within neighborhoods. As the 2016 national election approaches, campaigns have the opportunity to harness local social more directly than ever before.

#ivoted – Foursquare, Google, JESS3 Make Voting Social

Time’s running out to prepare for The Big Checkin. As you might be aware Foursquare has launched its “I Voted” campaign with a goal of illustrating in real time where you are voting and when (or at least checking in) – it all starts November 2. And of course there’s a badge (#ivoted). According to […]