6 Local Directories Every VSB Should Be On

Consumers are increasingly going online to research local services and products, but for very small businesses (VSBs), this trend is becoming a problem. Fifty-nine percent of VSBs still don’t have websites, with owners often citing perceived cost and lack of technical expertise as reasons why they haven’t made their way online. For business owners who […]

The Price of Free Listings Revisited: A Hyperlocal Business Perspective

The proliferation of online directories and directory services has made the local business owner’s life harder. It means more places to manage vital information and more third-party providers that control access to directories. Between the time and effort required to manage aggregators and the volume of citations, few small business owners do it themselves. As a result, the only stakeholders that truly know what information is authentic often are left out of the conversation.

The Price of Free Listings

When the Yellow Pages directory came out once a year, if your business’ phone number was printed incorrectly, you were in trouble. It was the same with local business listings on the internet, except that instead of one or two books, there were thousands of websites carrying your bad data. This added up to a serious headache for multi-location brands and a serious opportunity for solutions providers that could bring order to the free business listings chaos. Here’s a look at how listings management has evolved.

Why Online Marketplaces Will Continue to Beat Word-of-Mouth Platforms in the Battle for Local Business

People seek the opinions of their friends. They care what they think, and they trust them to make recommendations on everything from a good meal to a good mechanic. It’s word of mouth marketing — the most prized of its kind since the Stone Age. And its staying power undeniably supports the rationale for a […]

Sponsored Content: Duplicate Listings Are Killing Your Business

Duplicate listings are one of the most common data problems plaguing small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. They can confuse potential customers, and cause your clients to lose business. But many marketers are uncertain about how duplicates are created, the problem they cause, and how best to address them.

6 Tools Publishers Can Use to Monetize Their Business Directories

directoryHyperlocal publishers are frequently on the lookout for new ways to generate revenue from their sites, and one of the most straightforward revenue diversification strategies involves launching a business directory. Here are six tools that publishers can use to monetize business directories on their hyperlocal sites…

Street Fight Daily: Google Courts Local Media, Billionaire Prince May Back Square

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.Google Helping Local Publishers Surf The Programmatic Wave
 (Forbes)… Will this Billionaire Saudi Arabian Prince Back Jack Dorsey’s Square (Fox Business)… GoDaddy Will Take On Shopify With A Simpler E-Commerce Storefront Arriving This Spring (TechCrunch)…

6 Tools Merchants Can Use to Clean Up Location Data

For 42% of adults, search engines have become the primary tool for finding local merchants and service providers. But what those consumers don’t always realize is that much of the information they’re finding can be incorrect or out of date. Here are six platforms helping merchants fight back by cleaning up their location data…

When Will The Last Yellow Pages Book be Printed?

With the rise of local search sites, social media, and mobile directories, the physical Yellow Pages books delivered to consumers’ doors — long a staple of local marketing — are quickly becoming obsolete. We asked a few folks from around the industry what date they would envision for the directories’ final print run…

6 Tools Local Publishers Can Use to Build Business Directories

Directories give publishers a way to target local advertisers with a low-cost, self-serve alternative to traditional banners and display ads. Just as important, they provide instant value to readers interested in learning more about the merchants in their hometowns…