Why Deep Linking is a Must for M-Commerce Marketers this Holiday Season

The 2021 Adobe Digital Economy Index reported that 60% of online retail website visits in August 2020 came from smartphones, which now account for 40% of all online sales. It’s undeniable; mobile commerce — or m-commerce — will be a major factor in retailers’ success this holiday shopping season.

Dealmakers: On-Demand and Deep-Linking Companies Born Under a Lucky Star

Two areas in the industry I see creating genuine value are in-app search, or “deep linking,” and on-demand tech. In both cases, the value these two segments of our industry bring is in the efficiencies they create. In other words, where and how they reduce friction in consumer transactions is where we will see 2016 investment and M&A activity.

On-Demand and Deep Linking Becoming More Deeply Linked

The worlds of on-demand and deep-linking took another step closer when ride-sharing giant Uber announced a new mechanism for app developers to incorporate a button for users to request an Uber driver. Expect to see more of this kind of app integration among on-demand services, giving the market leaders greater scale and distribution.

RetailMeNot’s Hoyt: This Will Be the Most Personalized Holiday Season We’ve Ever Had

Today marks the beginning of a crucial week and month for retailers, as shoppers clamor for deals and steals on presents for family, friends, and coworkers. Whether in-store, online, or a mobile device, an astounding amount of retail business will be transacted in the next five weeks. RetailMeNot vice president of communications Brian Hoyt said to expect a more personalized, more omnichannel holiday shopping season this year, courtesy of the ever-present smartphone.

Did Apple Just Solve Deep Linking?

One of the coolest things to come out Apple’s September product event was 3D Touch, which lets users indicate levels of intent based on how hard they press apps and links. Beyond the gadgetry of 3D Touch, one thing hasn’t been said: This is essentially deep linking, an area that will be a key battleground in local. 3D Touch could preempt the deep linking dilemma by peeking deep within other apps — a lighter and more elegant solution I’m calling “deep previewing.”

ironSource’s Cunningham: You Need Every Data Set at Your Disposal to Compete with Facebook and Google

“In today’s ecosystem, there’s no fooling around anymore. You have some serious players taking 80 or 90 percent of the share, and the only way that you’re ever going to compete is with scale, targeting, a large user base, and product capabilities that can command real budgets,” said ironSource head of mobile and global brand partnerships Chris Cunningham about ad-tech consolidation.

Where Do My Friends Fit Into My Local Search?

The social graph alone won’t be a silver bullet for local. It’s just not big enough. And its value to local is overstated. My friends are great for party pics and snappy news feed dialogue — they don’t yet excel at plumber reviews.

#SFSW15 VIDEO: Deep Linking Will Solve Some — But Not All — of Mobile’s Problems

With mobile now accounting for the majority of Google searches,  it’s fair to say that the mobile majority has arrived. But the platform still lacks some of the infrastructure that helped the web spawn two decades of unparalleled growth — namely, the ability to easily move from app to app. But a technology known as […]

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Mobile Has a Fragmentation Problem — Here’s the Technology That Could Fix It

More than a decade ago, Google solved one of the most frustrating characteristics of the web: its fragmentation. Now, the mobile industry faces an even more striking crisis as mobile users spend more and more time in array of applications. The San Francisco-based URX is one of handful of companies using web crawlers to index the information within applications and allowing developers to find and link to content in other applications.

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