Why Location Measurement and Attribution Are Key to Brand Visibility

Attribution “is the metric that all brands and media verticals are moving to as it solves a number of gaps in the market.” says Freckle IoT’s Neil Sweeney. He believes measuring how branding strategy is working is becoming just as important as brand visibility.

How Brands and Publishers Are Thinking About Beacons

“The data and analytics is important but in the end, it has to be about improving the customer experience first,” said Jennifer Bordner, marketing manager at Old Navy, during a panel at SXSW Interactive in Austin Tuesday. “What can technology do that feels more natural than an extra burden. In the end, it’s about bridging that gap between the physical and digital [experience] in a way that feels natural.”

5 Things You Need to Know About Selling to Local Consumers [SLIDESHARE]

Toward the end of last year, american shoppers reached a remarkable milestone: consumers spent more in retail stores on products, which they had researched on the Internet, than those they had not. According to eMarketer, Web-influenced offline sales now account for the largest category of retail spending in the american economy…

Why Brand Names Matter Less and Less on Main Street

The “brand era” that gave rise to some of the tentpoles of the American economy may soon come to an end. The web, now reachable wherever and whenever through smartphones, can help consumers answer many of the questions that brand once answered…